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Core Module - Approaching Ancient Visual and Material Culture

CX 901-30

Convenor: Suzanne Frey-Kupper

Tutors: Naomi Carless Unwin, Dario Calomino, Suzanne Frey-Kupper, Zahra Newby and Michael Scott

This is a core module for the Taught MA in Ancient Visual and Material Culture and Taught MA in the Visual and Material Culture of Rome. It is designed to introduce students to the major issues in the study of ancient visual and material culture, and to key methodologies and approaches. This module provides a broad grounding in the interpretation of the various different aspects of ancient material. It will help to develop students’ intellectual skills in the following areas:

  • Ability to select and respond to particular methodological approaches when dealing with material evidence
  • Appreciation of methodological issues in dealing with material evidence
  • Understanding of the ways that visual and material evidence has been studied since antiquity
  • Ability to present structured chain of argument drawing together evidence into cohesive whole
  • Ability to select & apply appropriate problem-solving methodologies
  • Ability to conduct independent research & analysis

It will also help to develop the following key transferable skills:

  • Written and oral communication skills
  • Organisational skills
  • Ability to evaluate intellectual progress
  • IT skills - word processing/ use of internet

Schedule 2018

Autumn Term: Weeks 1-10 on Tuesdays (unless otherwise indicated) as below:

TMA Core module

Week 1, Tues 2/10: 3-4pm, S.1.69: Induction (SFK)
Week 2 Tuesday 9/10, 1-3 pm, H2.04: Ancient Coinage, induction to resources (SFK) – all students taking Core and/or Numismatics modules
Week 2, Wednesday 10/10, 11am–1pm, H2.04: Ancient Epigraphy, induction to resources (NCU) – all students taking Core and/or Epigraphy
Week 3, Tuesday 16/10, 1-3pm, S2.81: Approaching Ancient Art 1: Modern historiographies and Approaches (ZN)
Week 4, Tuesday 23/10, 1-3pm, S2.81: Approaching Ancient Art 2: Modern historiographies and Approaches (ZN)
Week 5, Tuesday 30/10, 1-3pm, S2.81: Damnatio memoriae (DC)
Week 6, Thursday 8/11: Visit to the BM: Epigraphy with DC 11am-1pm & Art with ZN 2-4pm. Meet Dario at the museum at 11am: please arrange your own transport – please note that you can gain back up to £50 (get in touch with Dr Caroline Petit, Director of graduate Studies). The visit will be finished by 4pm, though you might like to spend additional time to visit the exhibition on Assurbanipal which will just be open. Otherwise join the Institute of Classical Studies, which is very close
Week 7, Tuesday 13/11, 1-3pm, S2.81: The Future of Museums and Museology (MS)
Week 8, Tuesday 20/11, 1-3pm, S2.81 (MS):
1-2pm Presentation skills to various types of audience
2-3pm Communicating ancient Greece and Rome through TV
Week 9: Free week for essay consultations, NB double session in weeks 2 and 6
Week 10: Tuesday 5/12, 1-3pm, S. 2.81: Essay presentations (ZN/SFK/MS)


5,000 word essay

Deadline for essay title to be approved by course coordinator, Prof. Suzanne Frey-Kupper:
Wednesday 9th Jan 2019, 12 noon
Deadline for essay to be submitted: Thursday 6th December 2018, 12 noon

Please submit your title by email.

You can expect to receive feedback within 20 working days electronically via Tabula. You are also encouraged to attend a feedback tutorial with one of the module tutors.