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Optional Module - Numismatics


Numismatics is the study of systems of coinage. The module covers the coinages of Greece and Rome from the end of the seventh century BC to the seventh century AD. The module looks at the various ways that coinage can be used in the study of the ancient world, as a source for history, art history, archaeology and ancient economics.

The aim of this module is to train students both how coinage may be used as an element in studying the material culture of the ancient world and how to investigate coins as historical entities in their own right.

Convenor: Suzanne Frey-Kupper

Tutors: Kevin Butcher, Suzanne Frey-Kupper

On Fridays 1-3pm H.2.45 except for students whose previous degree does not include numismatics. These students join CX346-30 Coinage of Greece and Rome: on Mondays, 3-5pm, H2.22, and additional sessions will be convened according to the students’ progress and interests.

Schedule 2017/18 - Fridays, odd-numbered weeks except in week 8 in term 1, 1-3pm Room H2.45

Autumn term 2017 (Prof. Suzanne Frey-Kupper) - Syllabus under review
  • Week 2 14/10/16 Numismatics induction: Practical orientation in numismatics; describing and cataloguing coins for publication (available to all PG students)
  • Week 3 21/10/16 Why did ancient states strike coins?
  • Week 5 04/11/16 Hellenistic coinages, die-links and quantification - Essay briefing
  • Week 7 18/11/16 Roman Republican coinage and banking & business
  • Week 9 02/11/16 Augustus to c. AD 190. Practical session including casts
Spring term 2018 (Prof. Kevin Butcher) - Syllabus under review
  • Week 1 13/01/17 The third and fourth centuries AD. Imitations
  • Week 3 27/01/17 Coin hoards
  • Week 5 10/02/17 Site finds - Secondary interventions and afterlife
  • Week 6 17/02/17 Discussion of essay topics (date of session tbc)
  • Week 9 10/03/17 Metal analysis and evolution of silver content

5,000 word essay
All essay titles and topics must be discussed well in advance with the module leader.

Deadline for essay titles to be approved by KB/SFK: Friday 2th March 2018, 12 noon
Please submit your title by email.
Deadline for essay to be submitted: Friday 4th May 2018, 12 noon

You can expect to receive feedback within 20 working days electronically via Tabula. You are also encouraged to attend a feedback tutorial with the module tutor.

Online resources for numismatics

Numismatic events:

 Dom with cast

TMA 2014