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Alexander Peck

Hi, and welcome to my ePortfolio! I am a third year Postgraduate Researcher at the University of Warwick in the Department of Classics and Ancient History researching the Roman Concept of the patria. I graduated with a First Class MA (Hons) in Classics and Italian from the University of Glasgow in June 2012. My MA (Hons) Dissertation was entitled: "Continuity, Stability, Unity": A Re-Examination of the Political Function of the Res Gestae Divi Augusti.

Supervisor: Prof Alison Cooley, (A dot E dot Cooley at warwick dot ac dot uk)
Funding: AHRC Block Group Partnership Doctoral Award in History

My Current Research:

Collective Identity, Politics and Empire: An Examination of the Roman Concept of Patria from Second Century BC to Second Century AD

Depite its wide prevalence in Latin literature and insriptions, the Roman concept of patria has been the focus of relatively little research. My thesis intends to rectify this. By conducting a wide and detailed examination of patria's usage in Latin literature and inscriptions, my research aims to arrive at a clear understanding of the concept's defining elements; how its significance was successfully engrained within the Roman psyche; what its relationship was with Roman politics both during the Late Republic and the Empire; and what its impact was in provincial communities.

Read more about my research here.


Academic Year 2013/14:

  • Introduction to Greek and Roman History
  • Hellenistic World

Other Interests:

My other primary research interests are within the Late-Republic/Early-Principate era of Rome and touch on a wide range of fields. I also have research interests regarding ethnic identity in antiquity. Currently, I am interested in exploring the possibilities that may exist in drawing parallels and similarities between the ancient history of China and that of European antiquity.

Outside the sphere of academia I enjoy a range of extracurricular activities. Music is an important part of my life, and I am trained in singing opera as a bass and occasionally take up roles in amateur performances. The last opera in which I performed was Le Nozze di Figaro in which I was lucky enough to play Figaro himself. Sport-wise I enjoy going swimming, playing squash, and walking widely in the countryside. Other than this I enjoy cooking and reading, and indeed everything else that life has on offer.

Read my Curriculum Vitae.



Profile Picture

Alexander Peck

PhD Candidate in the Department of Classics and Ancient History
HRC Doctoral Fellow, August 2013-August 2014


If you want to contact me about anything feel free to email me!

A dot G dot Peck at warwick dot ac dot uk