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Past Postgraduate Research Topics

Recently completed research degrees

  • Joanna Kemp (2019) 'Led Across the Danube: Interactions between Rome and the Danubian-Pontic peoples in the first two centuries AD'. [Supervisor: Prof Alison Cooley]
  • Marta Barbato (2018) 'Coin circulation in Central Italy in the Late republican period' [Supervisor: Prof Suzanne Frey-Kupper]
  • Paul Grigsby (2017) 'Boiotian Games: Festivals, Agones, and the Development of Boiotian Identity' [Supervisors: Prof James Davidson / Dr Zahra Newby]
  • Desiree Arbo (2017) 'The Uses of Classical Learning in the Rio de la Plata, c.1750-1820' [Supervisors: Prof Andrew Laird, Prof Rebecca Earle]
  • Rebecca Taylor (2016) 'Micro- and microcosm: the human body and the natural environment in archaic and classical thought' [Supervisor: Prof Simon Swain]
  • Alexander Peck (2016) 'Haec Patria Est: The Conceptualisation, Function and Nature of Patria in the Roman World [Supervisor: Prof. Alison Cooley] (AHRC funded)
  • Ghislaine van der Ploeg (2016) 'The Impact of the Roman Empire on the Cult of Asclepius' [Supervisor: Prof. Alison Cooley]
  • Rocco Di Dio (2016) 'Marsilio Ficino’s notebooks: a case of Renaissance reading practices' [Supervisor Dr Maude Vanhaelen (joint Classics/Ancient History + Centre for Renaissance Studies)]
  • Ersin Hussein (2014) 'Power and Identity in Roman Cyprus' [Supervisor: Prof. Alison Cooley]
  • John Roberts (2013) 'The Prolegomena of La Cerda'a Commentary on Virgil: a Commented Edition' [Supervisor: Prof Andrew Laird]
  • Aileen Das (2013) 'Galen and the Arabic traditions of Plato's Timaeus' [Supervisor: Dr Maude Vanhaelen]
  • Jack Nurpetlian (2013) ‘Coinage in late Hellenistic and Roman Syria: the Orontes Valley (1st century BC-3rd century AD)’ [Supervisor: Prof Kevin Butcher]

MA by research

  • Jack Stradling (2019) ‘Rhythms of the Republic: the experience of time, movement and memory in the context of Roman assassinations’ [Supervisor: Prof. Alison Cooley]
  • Cassia Lonsdale (2018) [Supervisor: Dr David Fearn]
  • Graham Barker (2016) Legitimation of power: the iconography of the Golden Age myth on Roman imperial coinage of the third century AD [Supervisor: Prof. Kevin Butcher]
  • Kim Ingram (2016) Gauls, Goths and the Holy Roman Empire: the impact and significance of the sacks of Rome in 390 BC, AD 410 and 1527 [Supervisor: Prof. Alison Cooley]
  • Kate Carlin (2016) The development of nude female sculpture: an investigation into the changing form of the female nude in Classical and Hellenistic Greece [Supervisors: Dr Dan Orrells/Dr Michael Scott]
  • Andrew Ballantine (2015) Macrocosm and microcosm: exploring the role of Presocratic natural philosophy in classical Greek medicine [Supervisor: Dr Caroline Petit]
  • Helen Walker (2016) The transitional moments in the lives of Greek girls [Supervisors: Dr Zahra Newby/ Dr Michael Scott]
  • Sofia Guthrie (2015) Book 11 of Antoine Garissoles' Adolphid : an edition with an introduction, an English translation and explanatory notes [Supervisor: Prof Andrew Laird]
  • Nathan Murphy (2014) A denarius perpetuus?: the circulation of the "legionary denarii" of Marc Antony in Roman Italy and Britain 32-BC-AD 294 [Supervisor: Prof Kevin Butcher]
  • Sean Quinn (2014) Ptolemaic Royal Women [Supervisors: Dr Fabienne Marchand/ Dr David Fearn]
  • Edd O'Neill (2014) Arrian, the new Xenophon : a study into the extent of Xenophon's literary influence on Arrian's Anabasis [Supervisor: Dr Fabienne Marchand]
  • Jessica Walker (2014) Camus' Caligula: an intrinsically 'Roman' play? [Supervisor: Prof Alison Cooley]
  • Abigael Flack (2014) Suetonius' Approach to Biography in the De Vita Caesarum [Supervisor: Prof Alison Cooley]

Congratulations to the following students who have recently successfully completed taught MA degrees:

  • Ben Howarth (Ancient Visual and Material Culture, merit)
  • Charlotte Mann (Ancient Visual and Material Culture, distinction)
  • Giles Penman (Ancient Visual and Material Culture, distinction)