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Activities and Events

AshLI events

  • Poster presentation at FERCAN 2014, Lampeter, 17th October 2014: Jane Masséglia

  • JACT Ancient History Inset Day, 22nd November 2014: 'Secondary teaching with ancient artefacts'

  • PCGE Teaching with inscriptions workshop, KCL, 16th February 2015: Jane Masséglia

  • Oxford Epigraphy Workshop, 9th March 2015: Alison Cooley, 'Discoveries in the Ashmolean'

  • PCGE Teaching with inscriptions workshop, Cambridge, 26th March 2015: Jane Masséglia
  • Ashmolean Festival of Archaeoogy tours (x2), 12th July: Jane Masséglia

  • UNIQ Summer School workshops (x2), 3rd August 2015: Jane Masséglia & Hannah Cornwell

  • Ashmolean tour with Deaf visitors, via BSL translator, 14th August 2015: Jane Masséglia

  • 4th September 2015: Year 12 lecture, Newnham Collegiate Sixth Form, at Said Business School. Hannah Cornwell: ‘Stories from Stones’.

  • 12th September 2015: Project poster in Ioannou Classics Centre for Oxford Preservation Trust Open Doors event

  • 19th-21st September 2015: Handling sessions in Ashmolean for Alumni Weekend. Hannah Cornwell
  • 24th-25th September 2015: EAGLE Conference presentation in Bari. Jane Masséglia and Hannah Cornwell

  • 8th October 2015: 6th Form Classics Study Day at Ashmolean, lecture and workshops. Jane Masséglia and Hannah Cornwell
  • 15th October 2015: School Epigraphy Workshop, Edgbaston High. Jane Masséglia
  • 16th October 2015: New secondary-level ‘Rome’ session at Ashmolean: Jane Masséglia
  • 30th October 2015, 7-10.30 pm: ‘The Walking Dead’, Ashmolean’s DEADFriday Event.
  • 14th November 2015: British Epigraphy Society AGM. Alison Cooley 'New discoveries in the Ashmolean collection of Latin inscriptions'
  • 18th-20th November 2015: Public Engagement workshop at NYU Berlin. Jane Masséglia
  • 22nd November 2015, 11am - 4pm: ‘Remembering the Romans’, Ashmolean Museum.
  • 4th January 2016: American Society for Greek and Latin Epigraphy, California: Alison Cooley 'Fresh insights into Latin inscriptions in the Ashmolean Museum'
  • 16th February 2016: ‘PGCE INSET: Teaching with Ancient Artefacts’. Jane Masséglia & Alison Cooley
  • 17th March 2016: Ashmolean Public Lecture 'Making objects speak: technology and ancient inscriptions', Alison Cooley.
  • 24th May 2016: Summerfields School Ashmolean workshop, Abigail Baker
  • 4th June 2016: Roman Society AGM, London: Alison Cooley 'Roman families in the Ashmolean'
  • Primary School Visits, Abigail Baker:
    Friday 17th June - Our Lady's Catholic Primary School, Cowley
    Monday 20th June - St Michael's CE Primary School
    Monday 28th June - Windmill School
    July 1st - Appleton Primary
  • 28th July 2016: Festival of Archaeology lecture, Ashmolean Museum: Alison Cooley
  • 28th July 2016: Warwick Sutton Scholars, Ashmolean Museum: Alison Cooley, Abigail Baker (organised by Warwick pg Kathryn Thompson)
  • 6th October 2016: Sixth-form study day at the Ashmolean, Abigail Baker
  • 14th February 2017: PGCE training day, Ashmolean Museum
  • 21st February 2017: Lecture by Alison Cooley, Study Day for Wyvern NADFAS at the Ashmolean
  • 4th March 2017: Lecture by Alison Cooley, ARLT Inset, Sollihull School 'Meeting the Romans in Oxford: the Ashmolean Latin Inscriptions Project'
  • 15th-16th May 2017: Two-day workshop, 'Latin Inscriptions and Public Engagement in Museums', University of Warwick, to promote dialogue between museum curators and classical epigraphers in the UK, discussing how to promote public engagement in and appreciation of inscriptions in museums. An opportunity to discuss initiatives in facilitating access to Latin inscriptions for the general public, and to create guidelines for public engagement in epigraphic collections
  • 23rd May 2017: One-day workshop, 'Latin Inscriptions and Public Engagement in Museums', British School at Rome.

Signed tour for hearing-impaired visitors

JACT Inset 2014

Festival of Archaeolgy tour in Randolph Gallery