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MMN Training

MMN In-Person Training Days

The MMN organises four in-person training days per year. The venue for these training day is not always hosted at the University of Warwick and other member institutions of the network also help to host these events, providing access to some of the best expertise relevant to the theme of the training day in the UK.

Training Day - Tokens

Embark on a captivating journey through the fascinating world of tokens at the Money & Medal Network's next training day, hosted in collaboration with the Hunterian.

Unravel the mysteries of ancient token origins, explore the intriguing symbolism behind Communion Tokens, delve into the fascinating circulation of tokens in Scotland, and journey through centuries of token history.

Engage in lively discussions and interactive activities, connecting with fellow enthusiasts and immersing yourself in the vibrant world of numismatics. Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to expand your knowledge and passion for tokens. Secure your spot today!

Note: this training day is an in-person event, hosted at The Hunterian Study Centre in Kelvin Hall, Glasgow, Scotland.

MMN Training Day Programme

10.30am: Welcome and introduction to the Hunterian (Jesper Ericsson)

10.45am: Introduction to the MMN (Campbell Orchard)

11.00: An introduction to tokens: ancient beginnings (Clare Rowan)

11.30: Coffee

12.00: Communion Tokens (George Prew)

12.30: The circulation of tokens in Scotland (Carl Savage)

1.00: Lunch

2.00: Tokens of the 17th-19th centuries (Laura Burnett)

2.30: Discussion/activity among participants

3.30: End

Refreshments and drinks will be provided, only limited spaces are available.