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Dr. Antonino 'Nino' Crisà

Nino CrisaResearch Fellow
Telephone: +44 02476 528493

Department of Classics and Ancient History
Humanities Building, Room H2.06
University of Warwick
Coventry, CV4 7AL

Short Biography and Research Interests:

Antonino (‘Nino’) Crisà is an archaeologist, numismatist and historian. His research and published works mainly focus on numismatics and the history of Sicilian archaeology and excavations, particularly on archival records, antiquarian collecting, the history of museum collections, antiquities safeguarding and legislation on the cultural heritage between the Bourbon and post-Unification periods (1816-1918). Nino has also worked as freelance numismatic journalist (2006-11), field archaeologist in Italy (2007, 2010-11), Classics teaching assistant and specialist mentor at the University of Leicester (2012-16). He has been appointed official numismatist of Calvatone-Bedriacum (Cremona - Italy) (2006-now) and Palmyra-Tadmor (Syrian Arab Republic) (2009-10) excavations of the State University of Milan.

Research at Warwick:

Nino is a team member of the project Token Communities in the Ancient Mediterranean and will conduct research on tokens in Sicily, mainly focusing on iconography, archaeological contexts and history of museum collecting.


  • 2001-04 BA Classics (Università degli Studi di Milano)
  • 2004-07 MA Archaeology (Università degli Studi di Milano)
  • 2008-10 'Specializzazione in Archeologia/Numismatica' (Università degli Studi di Milano)
  • 2012-15 PhD Archaeology (University of Leicester)

Awards & Honors:

2015: XV International Numismatic Congress (Taormina): prize winning of “I Edizione Premio di Numismatica «Memmo Cagiati»”, announced by the Accademia Italiana di Studi Numismatici (author of one of the best numismatic papers; see publication n. 4).
2006: National Numismatic Exhibition (Vicenza): winner of the “National Competition for Young Numismatists” (Cronaca Numismatica), announced by Editoriale Olimpia (author of the best numismatic paper; see publication n. 27).

Select Publications:


Crisà A., When Archaeology Meets Communities: Impacting Interactions in Northern Sicily Over Two Eras (Messina, 1861-1918). Oxford: Archaeopress 2018 [direct link].
Crisà A., Numismatic and Archaeological Collecting in Northern Sicily during the First Half of the Nineteenth Century. Oxford: BAR (International Series 2411) 2012 [direct link].


Crisà A., Lanza S. and Randazzo G., 'Chapter 7: The Historical Evolution of the Tindari-Marinello Spit (Patti, Messina, Italy)', in G. Randazzo, D. Jackson and A. Cooper (eds.), Sand and Gravel Spits. London: Springer 2015: 103-121.
Crisà A., 'Le monete', in M. T. Grassi (ed.), Calvatone-Bedriacum. I nuovi scavi nell’area della Domus del Labirinto (2001-2006). Gazoldo degli Ippoliti: Associazione Postumia 2013: 476-496.


Crisà A., 'An eighteenth-century Sicilian coin hoard from the Termini-Cerda railway construction site (Palermo, 1869)', American Journal of Numismatics, 26 (2014): 339-362 [prize winner].
Crisà A., 'The accidental archaeologist: the unfortunate case of Antonio Filippello and the coin hoard of Castiglione (Catania, Sicily, 1818)', Bulletin of the History of Archaeology, 24 (2014), n. 6: 1-11.
Crisà A., 'Coin collectors and museum donors: contextualizing Delfino Trucchi and Antonino Salinas in early post-Unification Sicily (1868-73)', Journal of the History of Collections, 2014, 15 February 2014: 1-10.
Crisà A., 'Paolo Cataldi, a counterfeiter of ancient coins at Buccheri (Syracuse, 1818): some archival records', Rivista Italiana di Numismatica 113 (2012): 385-390.
Crisà A., 'Lettera di Girolamo Bonanno Chiaramonte su una moneta d’oro di Costantino IV (Caltagirone, 1745)', Rivista Italiana di Numismatica 112 (2011): 403-407, pl. I.
Crisà A., 'A letter of Michele Schiavo describing a coin of Didia Clara (Palermo, eighteenth century)', Arctos. Acta Philologica Fennica 44 (2010): 99-108.
Crisà A., 'G. L. Castelli, principe di Torremuzza, numismatico ed antichista ad Halaesa Archonidea', LANX. Rivista della Scuola di Specializzazione in Archeologia - Università degli Studi di Milano 2 (2009), n. 2: 116-149.
Crisà A., 'Lettera di Antonino Restivo Navarro al barone Enrico Pirajno di Mandralisca con due repertori numismatici', Rivista Italiana di Numismatica 110 (2009): 521-532.
Crisà A., 'Lettera di Enrico Pirajno di Mandralisca a Karl von Estorff con notizie di scavi e ricerche numismatiche a Lipari ed acquisti antiquari a Tindari', LANX. Rivista della Scuola di Specializzazione in Archeologia - Università degli Studi di Milano 2 (2009), n. 4: 146-155.
Crisà A., 'Numismatica e archeologia a Lipari nelle lettere di Enrico Pirajno a Celestino Cavedoni (1861-1864)', Mediterranea. Ricerche storiche 6 (2009), n. 17: 449-478.
Crisà A., 'Maschere teatrali nella Sicilia settentrionale: tra collezionismo antiquario e ricerca archeologica', Stratagemmi. Prospettive teatrali 8 (2008): 11-45.
Crisà A., 'La monetazione di Tindari romana con segni di valore e legende in lingua latina', Rivista Italiana di Numismatica 109 (2008): 235-268, pls. I-II.


Crisà A., 'Collecting coins and connecting collectors: government and social networks in the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies (1816-1860)', in M. C. Caltabiano (ed.), Proceedings of the XV International Numismatic Congress, Taormina 21-25 September 2015. Messina: Arbor Sapientiae 2017: vol. I: 135-139.
Crisà A., 'Heroic cults in Northern Sicily between numismatics and archaeology', in N. Holmes (ed.), Proceedings of the XIV International Numismatic Congress, Glasgow 31 August-4 September 2009. Glasgow: International Numismatic Council 2011: 114-122, pls. 1-2.


Crisà A., 'La fascia costiera di Tindari e Patti dall’antichità agli inizi dell’Ottocento', Rassegna Storica dei Comuni 36 (2010), ns. 158-159: 8-34.
Crisà A., 'Inizia da Glasgow 2009 il cammino per Taormina 2015', Cronaca Numismatica 21 (2009), n. 224: 63-65.
Crisà A., 'Tyndaris: storia, studi numismatici e iconografia monetale dei Dioscuri', Cronaca Numismatica 18 (2006), n. 186: 36-46 [prize winner].


Crisà A., 'Review of «F. Collura (ed.), Studia Calactina I. Ricerche su una città di Sicilia: Kalè Akté - Calacte (Oxford 2017)»', Classical Review, 1-3 (2018), n. 2: 1-3 (on-line).
Crisà A., 'Review of "R. J. A. Wilson. Caddeddi on the Tellaro. A Late Roman Villa in Sicily and its Mosaics (Leuven 2016)"', Classical World, 111 (2017), n. 1: 141-43.
Crisà A., 'Exhibition review of “Il Salinas ricorda Salinas (1914–2014): «Del Real Museo di Palermo e del suo avvenire», Museo Archeologico ‘A. Salinas’, Palermo, 8 July-4 November 2014"', Museum Worlds. Advances In Research, 4 (2016), n. 1: 230-32.
Crisà A., 'Review of “F. Muscolino, F. Giovan Battista Lusieri «Regio Pittore delle Antichità». Un legame tra la Sicilia e la missione di Lord Elgin in Grecia”', The Antiquaries Journal, July 2013: 5.
Crisà A., 'Review of “E. A. Arslan, Il ripostiglio di Corneliano Bertario (Trucazzano – Milano). 1013 Antoniniani dall’imperatore Valeriano all’imperatore Aureliano (III secolo d.C.), Trucazzano 2011"', The Numismatic Chronicle, 172 (2012): 372-73.

Select Conference Papers:

2018: ‘XIII TAG der Antiken Numismatik’, 02-03 November 2018 (Münster, Germany): An ongoing project: tokens, local cults and economics in Hellenistic and Roman Sicily (03-11-18).

2018: 'World History Association Conference', 21-23 June 2018 (Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA): Not ‘banal’ material culture: ancient tokens, daily life and religion in Hellenistic and Roman Sicily (22-06-18).
'AIAC/ICCA XIX Congress', 22-26 May 2018 (Cologne/Bonn, Germany): Religion, micro-economies and divinities reproduction on small tesserae in Roman Sicily (26-05-18).
'AIA/SCS Meeting', 4-7 January 2018 (Boston, MA, US): The sacred twins even on tokens: the role of Dioskuroi at the ancient Tyndaris (Messina - Sicily) (07-01-18).
‘Association of the Ancient Historians Annual Meeting’, Brown University, 04-07 May 2017 (Providence, Rhode Island, USA): To be or not to be a coin? Ancient tokens in Italy as an economic source and the representation of local communities.
‘Classical Association Conference’, University of Kent, 26-29 April 2017 (Canterbury, UK): Shaping a national and regional identity in Sicily through Classical Archaeology: the island’s culture heritage between the Bourbon and the Kingdom of Italy (1816-1918).
‘60th Missouri History Valley Conference’, Magnolia Hotel, 02-04 March 2017 (Omaha, NE, USA): New photographs from the past: revealing excavations and social contexts in Sicily between nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.
‘Classical Association of the Atlantic States (CAAS) Fall Meeting’, The Heldrich Conference Center, 20-22 October 2016 (New Brunswick, NJ, USA): Being on Cori’s trail at ‘Ratae Corieltavorum’: Latin/Archaeology clubs and outreach activity at Leicester local K-12 schools (United Kingdom).
2015: 'XV International Numismatic Congress', 21-25 September 2015 (Taormina, Italy): Collecting coins and connecting collectors: government and social networks in the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies (1816-1860).
'AIA/SCS 146th Meeting', 8-11 January 2015 (New Orleans, LA, US): Above the law? Local priests and local archaeology in Sicily under the Kingdom of Italy (1861-1915).
'10th European Social Science History Conference (ESSHC)', University of Vienna 23-26 April 2014 (Vienna, Austria): Politicians, custodians and workers: a complex ‘archaeological’ society in late nineteenth-century Sicily.
'AIA/APA 145th Meeting', 2-5 January 2014 (Chicago, IL, US): Politics and archaeology in post-Unification Sicily (1861–1915): new perspectives from records.
'Classical Association Conference', University of Reading, 03-06 April 2013 (Reading, UK): Acquiring finds and increasing the collections of the Royal Museum of Palermo: new records on post-Unification archaeology in Sicily (1861-1915).
'XIV International Numismatic Congress', 31 August-3 September 2009 (Glasgow, UK): Heroic cults in Northern Sicily between numismatics and archaeology.

Invited Speaker:

2018: Universität Tübingen, Institut für Klassische Archäologie, ‘Forschungskolloquium’ (Tübingen, Germany): Small monetiform objects in Roman Sicily: tokens and local cults (31-10-18).
2018: Casa Italia Chicago, Italian Cultural Center (Chicago, IL, USA): A token for your thoughts: the lost and rediscovered world of token use in ancient Sicily (27-06-18).
2017: '5th Assemani Symposium on Arabic Coinage’, Università La Sapienza, Rome, 29-30 September 2017 (Rome, Italy): Why should the state keep Arabic coins? Assessing two case studies on nineteenth century Sicily (29-09-17).
2017: Archaeological Institute of America and San Diego State University, Department of History (San Diego, CA, USA): Ancient tokens and communities: insights into Hellenistic and Roman Sicily (06-03-17).

Conferences Organised:

2018: Tokens, Value and Identity: Exploring Monetiform Objects in Antiquity and the Middle Ages, 18-19 October 2018, The British School at Rome (Rome, Italy): organizer of a two-day workshop on ancient tokens, featuring international leading scholars (

2015: The Franke Institute of Humanities, University of Chicago (Chicago, IL, USA): The State and Its Past: Consolidating National Identities Through History, Archaeology, and Politics (co-organized a one-day conference featuring international speakers) (

Professional Affiliations:

American Historical Association (Washington, DC, USA)
American Numismatic Association
(Colorado Springs, CO, USA)
Archaeological Institute of America
(Boston, MA, USA)
Association of Ancient Historians
(San Diego, CA, USA)
Classical Association of the Atlantic States Classical World
(Baltimore, MD, USA)
Classical Association of the Middle West and South
(Monmouth, IL, USA)
Society for American Archaeology
(Washington DC, USA)
World History Association
(Boston, MA, USA)

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