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Dr Bobby Xinyue

British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow, Centre for the Study of the Renaissance

Email: b dot xinyue at warwick dot ac dot uk

Room H.453
Humanities Building, University Road

University of Warwick, Coventry, CV4 7AL


Dr Bobby Xinyue teaches classical literature and languages. His research primarily focuses on the topic of divinisation in Latin poetry, especially in the works of Vergil and Horace. He is also interested in Early Modern Latin literature and the reception of ancient Rome in modern Chinese culture. Dr Xinyue holds a PhD in Classics from UCL. He has previously lectured at University of Exeter.

Research Interests

Dr Bobby Xinyue’s PhD dissertation, entitled 'The Divinity of Augustus in the Poetry of Vergil, Horace, and Propertius', was completed in 2015. This study took the form of a philological study of poetry, but the intersection between literature and material world (such as coinage, art, and architecture) ran through the project. A major strand of the thesis was to establish firmer connections between poetic texts and political and religious history. Dr Xinyue is currently in the process of preparing a monograph based on his doctoral dissertation for Princeton University Press.

Alongside the preparation of the monograph, Dr Xinyue has published articles and book chapters on gender and sexuality in the ancient world and the reception of Augustus in Neo-Latin literature. In addition, he is an investigator on the international research project “Translating the Complete Corpus of Ovid’s poetry into Chinese with Commentaries” (PI: Jinyu Liu), funded by the Chinese National Social Science Foundation. Dr Xinyue's work on this project has allowed him to conduct ground-breaking research on the reception of Latin literature in China and begin work on the first ever Chinese translation of Ovid’s Fasti with colleagues at Shanghai Fudan University.



(forthcoming) New Perspectives on Vergil’s Georgics, edited by B. Xinyue and N. Freer (London, Bloomsbury)

(in preparation) Paths to Divinity: Augustus the God in Vergil, Horace and Propertius

Articles and Book Chapters

2018 (in press): ‘Augustus in Book 8 of Morisot’s Fasti’, in P. Goodman (ed.) Afterlives of Augustus: AD 14 - 2014 (Cambridge).

2017: ‘Imperatrix and bellatrix: Cicero’s Clodia and Vergil’s Camilla’, in D. Campanile, F. Carlà, and M. Facella. (eds.) TransAntiquity: Cross-Dressing and Transgender Dynamics in the Ancient World (London, Routledge), 164-77.

2013: ‘M. C. J. Putnam, The Humanness of Heroes: Studies in the Conclusion of Virgil’s Aeneid (Amsterdam, 2011)’, Mnemosyne 66, 335-37.

Teaching Experience


PhD, University College London

MSt, Merton College, Oxford

BA (Hons) Lond.

Office hours

By appointment.