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Autumn Term 2016

Week 1: no lecture

Antoninus Pius

Week 2: Seminar (2 hours): The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius

Marcus Aurelius

Week 3: Commodus

Essay Writing Workshop

Week 4: In praise of the 'Golden Age': Panegyric, Aristides and Fronto

The Historia Augusta: history, fiction, or something else?

Week 5: The Civil War of AD 193

Septimius Severus

Week 6: Reading Week

Week 7: Caracalla

Roman citizenship and the Constitutio Antoniniana

Week 8: Elagabalus

The Severan transformation of Lepcis Magna

Week 9: The reign of Severus Alexander and the rise of Persia

Seminar (1 hour): Did Severus Alexander win the Persian War?

Literature of the Severan dynasty (Dio, Philostratus, etc)

Week 10: The Severan transformation of the city of Rome

Imperial Women in the Antonine and Severan Age

Spring Term 2017

Week 1: Septimius Severus and Elagabalus in modern art, politics and literature

Maximinus to Gordian III

Week 2: Seminar (2 hours): Technoheritage and its issues: Should we 3-D print Palmyra?

Was there a 'third century crisis?'

Week 3: Philip I

Saecular festivals and their representation

Week 4: Trajan Decius to Aemilian: the changing face of the emperor

Roman imperial coinage in the third century AD

Week 5: Valerian

Damnatio memoriae and Roman memory

Week 6: Reading Week

Week 7: Gallienus to Quintillius

Shapur I and Naqsh-e Rustam

Week 8: Aurelian

Tacitus to Carinus and the barbarian invasions of late antiquity

Week 9: Diocletian and the Tetrarchy

Seminar (1 hour): Constantine in text and image


Week 10: Literary genres of late antiquity (chronicles, panegyrics, hagiographies)

Cities of late antiquity

Summer Term 2017

Week 1: Private monuments x2

Week 2: no lecture (bank holiday)

Revision. NB: Lecture will take place between 4-5pm in OC1.04 to allow for the Matthew Nicholls workshop.

Week 3: Revision (2x1 hour sessions)


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