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Principles & Methods of Classical Archaeology - Syllabus

Lectures & Seminars:

Term 1

Week 1 Introduction & History of Archaeology
Week 2 Excavations techniques and stratigraphy – contexts and contextualisation
Week 3 Survey (CT)
Week 4 Portable Antiquities scheme (Denise Wilding)
Week 5 Documenting and recording / Seminar case study: Corinth I
Week 6 Reading week – no class
Week 7 Underwaterarchaeology
Week 8 Methods of dating Natural Sciences - Style - Written Sources / Seminar Corinth II
Week 9 Knossos and Minoan Crete (CT)
Week 10 Visit to Ashmolean Museum: Wednesday 6 Dec. (replaces lecture of Tues. 5 Dec.):
We will meet at the main entrance at 2.30 for the visit which will last until 4.30.

Term 2

Week 1 Dealing with finds
Week 2 Material culture I: Pottery and terracottas
Week 3 Material culture II: Pottery and terracottas
Week 4 Material culture III: Coinage / Pottery Seminar
Week 5 Sanctuaries in Hellenistic Sicily
Week 6 Reading week – no class
Week 7 Archaeozoology (tbc) / Coinage Seminar
Week 8 Funerary Archaeology
Week 9 Enlightenment and the history of collecting (Nino Crisà)
Week 10 Museum Visit (tbc)

Term 3

Week 1 Gardens
Week 2 Revision (free time for revision)
Week 3 Revision (free time for revision)


Rome, Forum Romanum