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Art & Architecture in Asia Minor - Organization

There will be two hours of teaching per week. This will consist either of a 2-hour lecture or, in some weeks, a 1-hour lecture and a 1-hour seminar. Teaching hours are tbc.


The seminars are designed to explore within the group some of the issues which have been raised in the course of the lectures. All students are expected to do the preparatory reading for these and to contribute to discussion.

Some seminars will include a student presentation of about 10 minutes on a specific art-work or monument. These presentations should introduce the topic to the other students, using images which I will select for you, as well as any others images that you wish. You should include details such as the dating, location and iconography of the art-work or monument in question, and how they relate to the issues discussed in this module. However, you are also free to focus your discussion on the areas you find of most interest.

The aim of these presentations is to give you experience in visual analysis and description, and in presenting your ideas in verbal form (see Learning objectives above). While you may write out your presentation (about 1,500 words for 10 minutes), the aim of the exercise is not simply to read out a previously written essay, but rather to present the material to your audience through direct explanation of and reference to the visual material you are using. As well as using powerpoint you may also use photocopied handouts. These presentations are an essential part of the course and must not be missed without very good reason. The rest of the seminar will consist of group discussion. Come prepared to talk!