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This is the core module for final-year honours, with the following learning objectives for students:

• To increase and enhance knowledge of the classical world by carrying out independent research on a subject of their choice, as approved by the department, within the range of possibilities opened up within the broad field of Classics and Ancient History.

• To communicate this original research clearly through an extended piece of organized and articulate academic argument (between 8,000 and 10,000 words), subject to the criteria for assessment as set out on the Presentation and Assessment page.

• To further develop skills in problem-solving and analysis and evaluation of material through working with primary sources, and with advanced scholarly literature independently, critically, and creatively.

• To develop skills needed to manage an extended piece of academic writing, including enhanced bibliographical management, coherent presentation of footnotes and of primary and secondary sources of whatever kind, and furthering of IT and word-processing abilities.

• To work effectively and constructively with a supervisor, and to further develop time-management skills.

• To further develop oral presentation skills through the core (though non-assessed) requirement to present their work-in-progress to peers and members of the department mid-way through the process, and by partaking in presentation-skills sessions put on as part of module induction.

Further guidance about module expectations and requirements are presented in the Departmental Handbook, and are discussed in detail in Induction sessions run by the Module Convenor.