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Topics - Some Examples

1. Women in Ancient Greek Romantic Fiction

  • introduction - defines subject (period/ types of women/ types of fiction)
  • ch.1 women as heroines
  • ch. 2 the influence of classical tragedy
  • ch.3 reflexions of society
  • ch.4 conclusions (women on literary level, on socio-cultural level); illustrations of female tragic characters on Greek vases, mosaics, sculpture

2. Medium-sized Towns in Roman Britain

  • introduction - period/ geography/ main sites/ types of evidence
  • ch. 1 environmentl factors behind development
  • ch.2 descriptions & comparison of sites
  • ch. 3 death and demography
  • ch. 4 Roman towns after Rome; graphs/ maps/ plans

3. Sport and Patriotism in Ancient Greece

  • introduction - period/ which city-states/ sports & their sites/ comparative info.
  • ch.1 local origins of organised sports
  • ch.2 sports in panhellenic festivals
  • ch. 3 treatment of sporting heroes in art
  • ch.4 legacy of Greek sport; vases/ sculptures/ inscriptions

4. Roman Time

  • introduction - period/ which Romans/ town or country/ literature or history/ comparative info.
  • ch. 1 the calendar & the year
  • ch. 2 structure of the day
  • ch. 3 gender and time
  • ch. 4 importance of time in Silver Latin literature