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Domestic Space in the Roman World: Syllabus

Domestic Space course outline

Term 1: Roman Domestic Architecture and Decoration

Week 1 Introduction: theories, methods and approaches

Week 2 The Atrium house and its development

Week 3 Roman villas and villa culture + Seminar: Landscapes and gardens

Week 4 Wall-painting: Mau’s four Pompeian styles

Week 5 Sculpture - acquisition, copies and display

Week 6 Reading Week - no lecture

Week 7 Reading Myth in Roman domestic contexts + Seminar: Approaches to wall-painting

Week 8 Status and space

Week 9 Portraiture in the Roman domestic context

Week 10 Gendered spheres in the Roman domus?+ Seminar: ‘The gaze’: objectification and sexual themes in Roman wall paintings

Term 2: Housing in Rome and the Provinces

Week 1 Where did everyone else live? Non-elite housing in Campania, Rome & Ostia

Week 2 The Emperor’s ‘stage’: the palace in Rome

Week 3 Imperial villas and display across empire + Seminar: Ostia

Week 4 Mosaics

Week 5 Houses and decoration in the Eastern Mediterranean

Week 6 Reading Week - no lecture

Week 7 Houses and decoration in the Western provinces + Seminar: Villas in Britain (fieldtrip? Tbc)

Week 8 Houses and decoration in North Africa

Week 9 ‘Flight’ to the villas: Housing in Late Antiquity

Week 10 Receptions of Roman Domestic Art from the Renaissance to the 19th century + seminar: the Townley collection

Term 3: Production and revision

Week 1 Production: decorating the Roman house

Week 2 Revision

Week 3 Revision