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Week 4: The environment

Reading: Fik Meijer and Onno van Nijf, Trade, transport and society in the ancient world : a sourcebook (London, 1992)

Xenophon, Oeconomicus 15-21

Lysias XXII, Against the Corn-dealers

Cyrene sends grain to Greece, P.Harding, Translated Documents of Greece and Rome II.116

*R.Osborne, Classical Landscape with Figures (London, 1987) c.2

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P.Garnsey, Famine and Food Supply (Cambridge, 1988)

*M.Jameson `Sacrifice and Animal Husbandry in Classical Greece' in C.R.Whittaker ed. Pastoral Economies in Classical Antiquity (Cambridge 1988) = Proceedings of Cam. Philological Soc. Supp. 14


What are the peculiarities of the Greek environment? In what sense were Greek eating-habits determined by their environment? How is use of the land affected by the peculiarities of Greek culture and society? How can we know what the Greeks actually ate?