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Greek Culture and Society - Syllabus

Lectures & Seminars 2017-18

Lecturers Key: EB = Dr Emmanuela Bakola; JD = Professor James Davidson; ES = Ms Emmy Stavropoulou; HA = Dr Helen Ackers; DF = Dr David Fearn; NB = Mr Nick Brown; TH = Dr Theodora Hadjimichael; VJ = Ms Vicky Jewell; RK = Dr Roel Konijnendijk

Lectures are two hours long. Seminars are one hour long, and the class divides into four or five groups.


Week 1: Introduction: Greek Culture and Society in a comparative perspective (JD) (3 Oct.)

Week 2: Varieties of Greek cities (JD) (10 Oct.)

Week 3: Women and Gender (JD); on the same day: * Seminar on Women (Aristophanes’ Assemblywomen 'Ecclesiazousae') (JD/ES) (17 Oct.)

Seminar groups, times and locations: please see here

Week 4: Greek Religion (JD) (24 Oct.)

Week 5: Art and Architecture (HA) (31 Oct.)

Week 6: Performance literature in antiquity from Homer onwards; choral culture; literature and society; seminar on essay writing (EB) (7 Nov)

Week 7: Athenian Tragedy: Aeschylus’ Persians part I (tragedy and myth; tragedy and history; ethnicity) (EB) (14 Nov.)

Week 8: (no lecture)

* Seminar on Sophocles’ Antigone (EB/ES). Seminar groups, times and locations: you must have received an e-mail with times and locations; if not please e-mail me (21 Nov)

Week 9: Aeschylus’ Persians PART II (dramatic space; natural imagery; tragedy and women) (EB) (28 Nov.)

Week 10: Athenian Comedy: Aristophanes’ Clouds (comedy and society; comedy and the sophists; comedy and spectacle; the chorus) (EB) (5 Dec.)


Week 1: Homer, Iliad (DF)

Week 2: Lyric poetry in the Symposium (DF)

Week 3: Sport/Agonistic Culture/Pindar (DF)

Week 4: Homer, Odyssey (ES) and on the same day *Symposium Seminar (NB / ES). Seminar arrangements as advertized, taking place in Experimental Teaching Space, Teaching Grid, Library 3rd Floor.

Week 5: Herodotus and historiography (DF)

Week 6: Transmission of texts and the libraries in the Greek world (TH) and on the same day * Seminar on Looking at Winners (DF / JD / VJ); Seminar groups, times and locations TBA

Week 7: Gorgias/Sophists (DF)

Week 8: Medicine and Science (JD)

Week 9: Warfare in the Greek world (RK)

Week 10: Class; citizenship; slavery (RK)


Week 1: Revision (JD)
Week 2: Visit to the British Museum Thursday May 3rd 2018 . [Questions on Seminar page]
Week 3: Revision (EB/DF)