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JACT (2007) Reading Greek: Text and Vocabulary
JACT (2007) Reading Greek: Grammar and Exercises
(Both should be in printed editions)

Reading Greek should prove all you need to learn Greek this year. If you want to look at other explanations, the following are useful:

Helpful for reference:

Morwood, J. (2001) Oxford Grammar of Classical Greek
Taylor, J. (2016) Greek to GCSE Part 1
Taylor J. (2016) Greek to GCSE Part 2

(You can probably pick up earlier editions very cheaply second-hand: these are fine.)

If you are interested in the language and want to find out more about you, the following are a good place to start:

Colvin, S. A (2014) A brief History of Ancient Greek [e-book]
Horrocks, S. (2010) Greek: A History of the Language and Its Speakers [e-book]
Allen, W.S. (1987) Vox Graeca (Third Edition)