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Class 2017

There will be four interim exams, each worth 10% of the module, as follows:

T1, Monday week 6 (6/11), 1pm – Lib2: this will cover material as far as 3B

Spreadsheet of vocabulary

Summary of forms

T2, wk 1, (8/1/18), 10am – Lib2: this will cover all material as far as 6D

Vocabulary, by chapter

Syllabus (list of forms)



I will put up suggested answers to the exercises on the separate, protected, ANSWERS page, over the vacation


T2, wk 6, (12/2/18), 10am – Lib2

T3, wk 1, (23/4/18), 11am – Lib2

Week 10

Session A

Passage 6B; Exercise 6A-B: D, with principles of accentuation. Future tense test.

For next session: Prepare Passage 6C. All exercises, p.122 and p.123.

Session B

Passage 6C. Return tests. Introducing the strong aorist.

Learn aorists as far as Chapter 6 (list) and revise futures.

Session C

nb: Group B will hold this session in H2.45.Checking on verbs, especially the irregular futures and aorits which ned to be known.

Week 9

Session A:

Passage 5C. Regular(-ish) futures.

For next time:prepare 5D

Session B

Passage 5D. Irregular futures (list for making flashcards); 'meaning' of the middle

For next time (week?): learn the irregular futures as vocabulary (list here), perhaps making physical or electronic flashcards; and the futures ἔσομαι, εἶμι (keeping the imperfect in your system!). Prepare 6A for next session for next class (as always).

Session C

6A. Weak aorist.

For next session: Learn aorists. Prepare passage 6B. Prepare for test on futures.

Week 8

Session A

4D; vocabulary test. Checking on use of participles and their translation into English.

For next time: go over 4D carefully, focusing on participles. Prepare 5A.

Session B

Section 5A. The imperfect tense.

Learn the endings and principles.Go over 5A, prepare 5B.

Session C

Note: the rearranged session will be on Thursday week 10, 11-12 in H2.45. Untile then, we will be one session behind.

Section 5B. Contracted verbs and the imperfect, verb 'to be'.

For Monday: test on vocabulary 5A-B and imperfect (παύω, παύομαι) and present active τιμάω and δηλόω. Prepare 5C (get ahead on 5D which is quite long, for Tuesday). Do all the exercises, checking your answers here.

Week 7

Session A.

πρᾶγμα, πλῆθος, πόλις. Passage 4A.

Learn these forms; read again 4A, prepare 4B.

Session B

Indef article, participles. Passage 4B

Learn these, look at p.78 4A-B 6.

Session C

Passage 4C. Participles, active and middle.

For Week 8: go through 4C, focusing on participles. Learn vocabulary for the week (see sheet) and do p.80/1 Exercise D. Prepare 4D.

Week 6

Session A

Exam 1.

Session B

Passage C. Looking at οὗτος, ἐκεῖνος and learn.

For next time: be able to write out these pronouns; do (orally, several times) p.62 exercises. We will go through them orally together. Prepare Section 3D (pages 36-38 - nb 37 lines).

Session C

Passages 3D and 3E. Learn to write out Ζεύς and ναῦς. Learn all vocabulary from this section

Week 5

Session A

Take in Exercise D, revision exercises section D. Go through 2D (using laser); check all vocabulary from Section 2A-D, 3rd declension nouns; read through 3A.

Prepare 3B; work on vocabulary.

Session B

Return work. Work on 3rd declension nouns.

Session C


Week 4

Session A

Test of verbs and vocabulary; take in D p.41. Accentuation of nouns. Read 2A.

Prepare 2B, revise 2A and the related vocabulary.

Session B

Middle verbs. Passage 2B.

For next time: Prepare 2D. Learn vocabulary 2B and 2C and the middle forms. Exercises on p.46 (we will go through orally).

Session C

p.46 (orally); Passage 2D. AnkiDroid?.

For next time: read through all grammar; do revision exercises for Section 2. Hand in D, on page 53. Prepare 3A

Week 3

Session A

Contract verbs - accentuation; ἄνθρωπος, ἔργον, ἡμέτερος-type adjectives.

Complete exercises associated with 1G, prepare H.

Session B

Passages 1H and I; irregular verbs; complements. L

learn εἰμί and οἶδα; do associated exercises. Go over 1H and I, and practice reading aloud. Prepare 1J.

Session C

FInish Passages 1H and I.

Revise all forms in Chapter 1 (sheet). Test on Section A next week. Exercise D p.41 to hand in:other exercises as appropriate. Prepare 2A.

Week 2

Session A

Passage C. Dictation, vocabulary-learning techniques. Prepare D for next session, and do related exercises and continue with vocabulary so far.

Session B

Passages 1D and 1E. Prepare F. Perfect vocabulary A-D: see lists on pages 13 and 18 of the βίβλος (big grammar book). Start exercises for 1F

Session C

Contracted verbs. Tips from last year. Passages 1Fand 1G. Finish 1E-F exercises and do 1G exercises.

Week 1

Wednesday 4th October (both groups)

Writing the alphabet. Pronouncing section A. For Thursday: listen to audio, practice. Try to translate.

Thursday 5th October

Section A.1. For next time: 2 exercises; learn ὁ ἡ τό and καλ- ός -ή όν. Read ahead story 1B.