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Greek Language: Aims and Objectives

This module aims to introduce a complete beginner to the main elements of the structure of Classical Greek in a logical and systematic way and so enable them to read and translate passages of adapted Greek with accuracy and confidence.

By the end of this module, all students should expect to:

  • know all the designated vocabulary, accidence and syntax
  • have developed considerable translation skills, involving an appreciation of the different linguistic structure of this inflected language
  • have cultivated their capacity for analytical and logical analysis
  • have improved their understanding of English grammar
  • appreciate the continuing influence of Greek on the English language

Students are encouraged to use the help that is always available to sort out any points of difficulty that arise and not get behind.

This module provides the necessary basis for those who continue their study of the language in 2019. Many students go on to the module Greek Language and Literature and read classical authors such as Thucydides Euripides and Homer.