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Term 3

Week 23

No class on Monday, due to Bank Holiday

Tuesday 8th May

Students' own pp test questions; Euripides 100-200. Euripides comment question.

Friday 11th

Euripides 200-300. Principal parts. Scansion.

Week 22

Monday 30th April

pp quiz; Homer practice; last year's examination paper

Tuesday 1st May

pp quiz: unseen: Medea comment question

Friday 4th May

100 top Euripides words. Euripides scansion. Hippolytus 4 unseen.

Week 21

Monday 23rd April

Homer Session 8

Tuesday 24th April

Cummulative principle parts test. Approaching unseen translation. For next time: make up your own 20 pp test for the others.

Friday 27th April

Finish Homer.

Week 20

Monday 12th

Homer, session 6

Tuesday 13th

Amphitryon and Heracles unseen; scansion practice; PP quiz.

Friday 16th

Homer, session 7

For the vacation: you should revise all principal parts to date - I will have a major test on the first Tuesday back. You should prepare up to Session 9 of the Homer. You should get at least ONE of the two texts well-prepared - so that you could sit a translation exam on it on the first day back.

This means that in the three weeks of next term (eight classes only) we will focus on unseen translation and comment on the content of Medea and Odyssey 13 in preparation for the exam. The date will only be finalised during Week 1: last year, the exam was in the middle of Week 4.

Week 19

Monday 5th

Homer, Session 4

Tuesday 6th

Principal parts, side 8 - test postponed until Friday. Scansion, list of syntax. Read through Euripides unseen. Have a go - strictly 45 minutes and looking up only three words. Have read, along with PP9, for next Tuesday.

Friday 9th

Homer, Session 5

Week 18

Monday: Homer, session 3. Prepare for PP revision test (See week 15).

Tuesday revision of conditional sentences and potential actions (handout plus worksheets). Principal part revision test (1-5). More scansion (answers here). Learn PP8 for Week 9 test.

Friday: to be rearranged

Week 17

Monday: Homer: session 1

Tuesday: revision of purpose clauses, scansion of hexameters.

Friday: Homer session 2. List of Homeric vocabulary to be memorised.

Week 16

Reading week.

Catch up: Medea to line 300

Week 15

Monday: Medea to 199

Tuesday: PP6. Matthew Chapter 2. Discussion of course progression.

Friday: Medea to line 250. Over reading week, please get on top of vocabulary and revise PPs1-5.

Week 14

Monday: 110-145.

Tuesday: PP6 test. Revision of uses of infinitive. For next time PP7. Vocab test on Medea to line 115.

Friday:Medea as far as 175. Check on learning vocabulary.

Week 13

Monday: Medea as far as 72.

Tuesday: PP5 test. ἵνα, ὅπως, πως. πρίν as before (infinitive) or before/until (indicative) (withy handout). Scansion of iambic trimeters. Scan of suggested answers here. Please check and ask if you don't understand.

Friday: Medea as far as 110

Week 12

Monday: Medea 28-60

Tuesday: PP 4 test. Scansion of iambic trimeters. Suggested answers to full sheet (check before next time). Learn PP5 principal parts for Week 13.

Friday: Class to be rearranged because of Medea (the play). Medea 61-97 on Monday.

Week 11

The exam is on Thursday, and takes the place of one of the classes.


Tuesday: introduction to Medea; Sophocles.

Friday: Medea lines 1-27


Week 10

Monday 4th December

Lucian: Isles of the Blest, pages 248, 250.

Tuesday 5th December

PP3 test. Indefinite clauses.

Friday 8th December

Lucian: Isles of the Blest, pages 252 and 254. The exam will be this far. Plain text above.

Week 9

Monday 28th November

Lucian, The Isle of the Blest, pages 240-242.

Tuesday 29th November

pp test on p.2 (and revise p.1). Subjunctives: commands, exhortations and wishes.

For week 10: pp3; learn subjunctives, revise optatives; translate the eight sentences.

Friday 1st December

Lucian, pages 244 and 246.

Week 8

Test on principal parts page 1, grammar session (Tuesday)

Herodotus pages 94 -101.

Week 7

Herodotus: pages 86-93

Principal parts, page 1

Week 6

No classes

Week 5

Monday 30th October

Passive (hm...); 12G. Summary of conditionals - overview.

Do Exercise 12G on page 259. Prepare 12H. Learn optative of εἰμί and alos how οἶδα, ἴοιμι works.

Tuesday 31st October

Wishes; seeing to it.

Friday 3rd November

Passages H. Indirect statements using participles. Future passive.

For Week 6: consolidate work to date (all vocabulary, endings, constructions). Consider note-taking - book that walks you through rather than refernce.

Prepare, for Monday Week 7 Herodotus: Solon and Croesus lines 1-27 (pages 85-89)

Week 4

Monday 23rd October


Prepare 12E

Tuesday 24th October.

Vocab 12 D. Go through 11D translations. Finish 12D, complete 12E.

For Friday: learn vocab; exercises p.249 and 50. Prepare 12F, remind yourself of all parts of the passive.

Friday 27th October

12E. Indirect statements - concept of 'expanding the infinitive'. Athenian concepts of citizenship. Aorist passive.

For Monday: work on vocabulary, be able to write out all forms of the aorist passive of παύω; prepare passage 12G.

Week 3

Monday 16th October


Tuesday 17th October

Neaira. 12A. Prepare 12B/C.

Friday 20th October

Passages 12B/C. Formation of aorist passive (all forms) and how to summarise. See Morwood as well as RG.For next session: learn/write out aorist passive; prepare 12D (and E if time); [p.233/3 English to Greek]; test on vocabulary of section 11 (p.231 and 232).

Week 2

Monday 9th October

check on γιγνώσκω. Story 10D. Learn vocab and do exercises and prepare 10E.

Tuesday 10th October

10E. Check of all grammar items: esp. root aorists and new adjectives. Learn vocabulary for section 10. Written exercise, inc. D1 (p.233) to hand in.

Week 1

Friday 6th October

Recap of sections 10A-C. For Monday: identify areas requiring revision. Look and learn: γιγνώσκω, ὅς ἥ ὅ. Prepare 9D.