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Classes 2018

The summer exam is expected to be on 16th May 2019.

Medea - text for revision 1-303

Odyssey 13 - text for revision 1- 351

FINAL SESSION: UNSEEN is Monday 13th May in H2.46 (note the different room)


We will use the remaining classes to focus on two main areas:

  • exam-style questions on content and scansion
  • unseen translation (building on the one's you did over the vacation)

I will not be dealing with basic set text translation or vocabulary: this is now in your court, but you are welcome to come to see me for a one-to-one to sort out questions.

Week 3

Tuesday 8th May

Unseen - reading approach (for vocabulary, structure recognition)

Homer: most common nouns: practice

Friday 10th May

Unseen - reading approach (for vocabulary, structure recognition)

Medea: exam practice, opening lines.

Week 2

Monday 29th April

Odyssey 311-351; check most common Homeric nouns

Tuesday 30th April

Comment practice on 311-351; most common Homeric verbs. Go through unseen (as given out on Friday).

Friday 3rd May

Comment practice on Medea, lines 275-303

Week 1

Friday 26th April

Euripides unseen: scansion of Homer and Euripides (please bring any questions to the class).


Week 10

Monday 11th March

Euripides vocabulary 200-300 (for quiz on Tuesday). Homer as far as 266.

Tuesday 12th March

Check unseen A servant tries to dissuade the aged Iolaus from fighting against the Argives (111).

Quiz 300-400

Friday 15th March

From 267- 310 (this leaves one final session for Friday of Week 1 next term)

Week 9

Monday 4th March

Odyssey 1.1. Checking: (individually from memory on Tuesday). Odyssey 13 lines as far as line 194. (For Friday: 195-245)

Tuesday 5th March

Check on Homer trial questions. Quiz on Euripides vocabulary. Andromache laments the death of Astyanax (106) and Odysseus argues for the burial of Ajax (110). For next Tuesday:

1. unseen A servant tries to dissuade the aged Iolaus from fighting against the Argives (111).

2. Vocabulary: 301-400

3. Scansion booklet: 1 and 2

Friday 8th March

Odyssey recitation. Homer 194-245

Week 8

Monday 25th February

Odyssey section 3

Tuesday 26th February

Homeric scansion: unseen 2; return of quiz.

For next Tuesday:

1. unseen 2;

2. Euripides vocabulary, words 201-300 (prepare for quiz);

3. memorise opening five lines of the Odyssey, book 1.

Friday 1st March

Odyssey, section 4

Week 7

Monday 18th February

Odyssey, Session 1

Tuesday 19th February

Scansion, pp quiz; unseens. For next Tuesday: memorise the lines of Homer; do unseen; pps δοκέω to θάπτω

Friday 22nd February

Odyssey, Session 2

Week 5

Monday 4th February

Take in written practice comments. Medea 239-285

Tuesday 5th February

principal parts: ἄγγελλω to διδάσκω; numerals; Homeric Greek and how to prepare Homer.

For Week 7: go over pps so far this term, and relook at 1st two pages frοm last term.

Friday 8th February

Medea to line 285-342.

Over reading week:

1. read Odyssey 13 in translation, perhaps a couple of times and write a one paragraph synopsis.

2. put your Medea notes in order. At the very least, identify gaps, and make sute you come to see me with any questions. At best, have it all ready for learning over the Easter vacation.

Week 4

Monday 28th January

Medea 168-208

Tuesday 29th January

PP test, as advised. Conditional clauses in Medea. More on Euripdean vocabulary. Please bring scansion booklets.

For Friday: practice Medea question; for Monday: vocabulary (Euripides list, 1-200, copies outside my office); for Tuesday: principal parts: ἄγγελλω to διδἀσκω (see list).

Friday 1st February

Medea 200-238

Week 3

Monday 21st January

Medea 90-126

Tuesday 22nd January

Vocab check; pp quiz. Purpose and result clauses. Annual module survey: my feedback

For next Tuesday:

  • write up notes on today's session (spares outside my office);
  • remind yourelf (5 minutes) on what we have done on scansion so far
  • pps (as on sheet) τρέφω to ἐπαινέω (59-66) (Tuesday).
  • Vocabulary: τολμάω to the end (Monday).
Friday 25th January

Medea, 127-167; scansion.

Week 2

Monday 14th January 2019

Section 2, Medea. Lexica, Logeion and editions

Tuesday 15th January

pp test (no vocabulary today). commands, prohibitions and wishes. Brainstorm, handout. Section 2 Medea (cont.).

for next Tuesday:

  • read Morwood on commands, prohibitions and wishes; make overview notes, read and re-read!
  • pp 51-58. τρέπω - λανθάνω
  • vocabulary: στεφανάω - τοιῦτος
Friday 18th January

Check pp test! Fill in gaps.

Section 3, Medea 61-89


Week 1

Monday 7th January

List of grammar to be covered (mirroring A level specifications); Reading extrat from Matthew 2 (magi) modelling how to go through a prepared text in class (more than just translation!)

Tuesday 8th January

More from Matthew 2: introduction to aims of reading set text and how to set yourself up to be successful (see handout). Copy of Medea booklets: revision, vocabulary, revision, with schedule. Intriduction to scansion of Greek iambic trimeters.

Prepare 1st section for next Monday. Also double check pp 1-50 for quiz (no vocab this week)

Friday 11th January

Section 1, Medea

Week 10

Text divided into clauses (sessions 1-4)

Monday 3rd December

Session 3 of Thucydides. Check on vocabulary for Friday test. (pages 7 and 8).

For Tuesday; PP quiz (PP7)

Tuesday 4th December

Last January's exam paper to see the formatPP quiz (sheet 7). More checking on pp6 and 7 of the vocabulary and 45-50 of the principal parts.

Friday 7th December

Return pp quiz. Vocabulary quiz (κέρας- πολίτης). Final section of the Thucydides.

Over the vacation:

  • be able to translate both texts perfectly and happy to answer grammar questions.
  • go over vocabulary to date.
  • go over principal parts 1-50.

Week 9

Monday 26th November

Thucydides 1

Tuesday 27th November

Participles; pronouns pp test

Friday 30th November

Thucydides 2 (see sheet);

vocab ἐναντίος - κενός (not tested)

Prepare for Thucydides session 3 and keep going on next chunk of vocabulary.

Week 8

Monday 19th November

Read Lucian to line 81. PP test on 26-31. We will finish this text on Friday, and then star on the Thucydides on Monday.

Tuesday 20th November
  • Feedback on practice exercises from last week.
  • PP32-38 - discuss (handouts outside my office)
  • Vocabulary quiz on pages 3-4.
  • Review of participles
    • formation and use

For next Tuesday:

  • read Mastronarde (see page: supporting materials), then Morwood p.136-143.
  • do exercises on sheet, as appropriate (copies outside my office)
  • vocabulary pages 5 and 6, pps 32-38 (next Monday)
Friday 23rd November

Finish the Lucian (shame!) Introduce Thucydides. Prepare Thucydides, using the 'chunked' version and vocabulary list. Continue with vocab; pages 5-6, please.

Week 7

Monday 12th November

PP test. Read Lucian to line 20. For Friday, prepare to l.53.

Tuesday 13th November

Vocab quiz (pages 1 and 2)

Idiomatic uses of def. article and time, space and place (see relevant pages of Morwood). Exercises to practice (in class, spares are outside my door). Copies of pp 26-31; questions on grammar for Lucian 1-20. Vocabulary quiz (pages 1 and 2).

For next Tuesday: pages 3 and 4 of vocab; principal parts 26 - 31 for Monday.

Friday 16th November

Read Lucian to l.53. Please learn principal parts 26-32 (copy for Seb here) and prepare for Lucian as far as line 81 (next 2 sides). Excellent preparation today!.

Week 5

Monday 29th October

PP test. Check on conditional clauses - the various possibilities.

For next class: Look at PP4 and describe irregularities and peculiarities in next class. Read through the Lysias we read several times, getting familiar with its syntax. For Friday, go back through all the Greek read through so far, looking at your notes, seeing what you think we have covered so far this term.

Tuesday 30th October

Vocabulary test on Arginusae. Continue with Lysias and the Thirty.

For Reading week: learn/revise principal parts 1-25. Vocabulary: 1st two pages of '80% list'. Do the 'Xenophon chapter' as appropriate. Prepare the first two sides of Lucian Isle of the Blest.

Week 4

Monday 22nd October

finish Civilian encourages Xenophon; Arginusae 1-19

Tuesday 23rd October

Arginusae - to end, pp and vocab tests.

For Friday: go through Arginusae carefully, more than once and have a list of points of interest you can explain to us. Work on principal parts and vocabulary.

Friday 26th October

Return tests. Hear points of interest from Arginusae and finish chapter. Conditional clauses. Start Lysias.

Week 3

Monday 15th October

Civilian encourages army officers. Subjunctive overview,

Tuesday 16th October

PP test. More subjunctives - example. Xenophon to line 45. Continue to go over passage several times, and pick out vocabulary from the master list for this term.

Friday 19th October

Optative. Xenophon 46-68. Optative overview.

For Monday: get overview of forms (and learn endings for present and aorist). Produce a summary overview of how the uses of subjunctive and optative overlap/differ. Test on vocabulary of Civilian Encourages... Extract your own list, as I do, using the 80% list.

Week 2

Monday 8th October

Approach to reading/revision/new material discussed (especially vocabulary)

Start Xenophon - Betrayal! lines 1- foot of page.

For Tuesday:

  • Pick out three points of interest to bring to class
  • Make own personal list of vocabulary, and start work on it
  • (ditto: tables of endings which are hazy/forgotten)
  • Read through several times, using 'clean'copy.
Tuesday 9th October

Continue with Xenophon: formation of subjunctive (all three tenses). Principal parts (for next Tuesday)

Friday 12th October

Overview of subjunctive uses: Xenophon: finish Death by Treachery.

Go over carefully, check on vocabulary, and continue with pps.

Week 1

Friday 5th October

Introduction to the course. Copy of 80% vocabulary, to be covered this term, partly in class, partly by independent study. Perfect tense.

Link to Sphinx drill