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As a continuation to the Greek Language module, this module aims to improve the student's knowledge of accidence and syntax. This will be the focus of the classes for the first few weeks of the Autumn term. We will use Greek beyond GCSE to introduce the remaining areas. Students are required to know the AS prescribed vocabulary list by the end of the autumn term and are expected to have made a good start before the beginning of term.

After this, focus will shift towards reading Classical Greek through three set texts. Students will be expected to prepare a specified section of text in advance. The class will consist of checking understanding of the Greek, and discussion of grammatical content and style. Students will need to go over the text again immediately after the class to consolidate their work. It is hoped that those students pursuing the course will develop appreciation of the value of reading Greek literature in the original language, as well as a sound understanding of the language.

The set texts read are:
  • Extracts from Plato Phaedo and Lucian Vera historia
  • Homer, Iliad 3.
  • Euripides, Iphigenia in Aulis (selection, from edition by E.C. Kennedy, Bristol Classical Press).
Attention will be given to unseen translation in the latter half of the course. This consists of practice in translating passages from a variety of authors, its aim being to widen students' exposure to the varying genres of Greek literature. Passages are chosen for their intrinsic interest as well as their capacity to deepen students' understanding of the language. Students prepare translations, which are then discussed in class. A list of additional vocabulary will be available and this will be tested on a regular basis.



Students will need to purchase copies of the Homer and Euripides set texts in the editions specified and also Oxford Grammar of Classical Greek – James Morwood (OUP) and Greek Beyond GCSE (Bristol Classical Press). With regard to a dictionary The Pocket Oxford Greek Dictionary is barely adequate at this level and anyone planning to continue would be better advised to buy Liddell and Scott (intermediate version).