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There will be seven seminars inthe autumn term (weeks 3-5, 7-10) and nine seminars in the spring term (weeks 1-5, and 7-10). Seminars will consist of very short presentations by students followed by group discussions. Students are expected to prepare material for group discussions in class. Think about the nature of the material. Who produced it and when? For whom was it produced and why? Does it belong to a particular genre? What are the implications of that? How can the material be used to answer particular questions about the ancient world? What are the problems in using it to answer particular questions?

Seminars will take place in the following rooms:

Group 1: Tuesdays 9-10 in room H5.45

Group 2: Tuesdays 10-11 in room H5.45

Group 3: Tuesdays 12-1 in room H4.02

All seminar sheets can be downloaded here.

Autumn term

Week 3: Portraits of Hellenistic kings (FM)

Week 4: Priene (FM)

Week 5: Antiochus III and Teos (FM)

Week 7: Pergamon (FM)

Week 8: Letter of Eumenes II to Toriaion (FM)

Week 9: Ai Khanum (FM)

Week 10: Art (ZN)

Spring term

Week 1: Epigrams (DF)

Week 2: Hellenistic coinage (CR)

Week 3: Euergetism: Boulagoras of Samos (FM)

Week 4: Sympoliteia between Latmos and Pidasa (FM)

Week 5: Ancient Medicine (RT)

Week 7: Cosmology (RT)

Week 8: Philosophy (RT)

Week 9: Rome and the Hellenistic World (AP)

Week 10: Rome and the Hellenistic World (AP)

Summer term

Week 1: Rome and the Hellenistic World (AP)