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Autumn Term

The Formation of the Hellenistic Kingdoms

Week 1: Introduction (FM)

Week 2: The early Hellenistic kingdoms (FM)

Week 3: Ptolemies and Ptolemaic Alexandria (MS)

Week 4: Hellenistic ruler cult and religion (MS)

Week 5: Antigonids, Seleucids and Attalids down to the Peace of Apameia (FM)

Week 6: Reading week

Literature and Art

Weeks 7-8: Literature (DF)

Weeks 9-10: Hellenistic Art (ZN)

Spring Term

Economy and Society

Week 1: Hellenistic coinage: an introduction (CR)

Week 2: Introduction to Papyrology (guest lecturer: Dr Amin Benaissa, Oxford)

Week 3: Economy (KB)

Week 4:Medicine in the Hellenistic World: Between natural sciences, philosophy, astrology and magic (CP)

Week 5: Philosophy (RT)

Week 6: Reading week 

Week 7: Magic and Science (JD)

The Coming of Rome

Week 8: Athens and Delos (MS)

Week 9: From Apameia to Actium: the restructuring of the Hellenistic world (AP)

Week 10: Rome and the Hellenistic World (AP)

Summer Term

Weeks 1-4: Revisions (FM)