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Introduction to Greek and Roman History 2018/2019

Lectures are held on Fridays 12.00-2.00 in MS.04 (the Medical Sciences building)


Autumn Term 2018

Most lectures and all seminars in the Autumn term will be given by the module coodinator Abigail Graham (AG). SEMINARS ARE IN WEEKS 2, 6 and 9

Week 01: Part I: Introduction & setting the scene. Part II: The beginning of Ancient Greece

Week 02: Sources for Ancient History. In class tutorial on Lecture Consolidation and Ancient Sources

Week 03: Colonisation and the birth of the polis (NCU)

Week 04: Tyranny, democracy, and the sixth-century boom

Week 05: The Thousand Nations of the Persian Empire Descend Upon You

Week 06: Seminar 2: Spartathon: accounts & sources on Sparta. In class seminar (during lecture)

Week 07: The rise of the Athenian Empire and the Peloponnesian War

Week 08: The democracy of Classical Athens


Week 09: The hegemonic wars and the rise of new powers + seminar 3: The Tyrant City: Athens and imperialism

Week 09: Seminar 3: Thursday Group 1: 11-12 in H.302; Group 2: 12-1 in H.402; Group 3: 4-5pm in H.044

Week 10: Alexander the Great and the New World Order (NCU)

Spring Term 2019

Seminars will take place Weeks 2 and 6 (in class Disputatio).

Week 01: Rogue Ones: From Mythical Kings & Founders to a Constitutional Republic 750-380 BC (AG)

Week 02: A New Hope: Rome rises from the ashes (ca. 380-240 BC) (AG)

Week 02: Seminar 1: Roman Assemblies: Plato's Republic or Romulus' Cesspool

Group 1: 11-12 in H.302; Group 2: 12-1 in H.402; Group 3 **1-2pm in H.103**

Week 03: Roman Imperialism and the Punic Wars (ca. 220-146 BC) (AG)

Week 04: Consequences of War: Hellenisation, Agrarian Crisis & Military Reform (146-100 BC) (AG)

Week 05: Roman Italy Implodes: Sulla & the Social War (100 BC-70 BC) (AG)

Week 06: Seminar 2/Disputatio: A day in a Roman court (70 BC): Cicero’s In Verrem, the provinces and. All Seminar groups meet in lecture (AG)

Week 7: The Force Awakens: The Rise of Caesar & the Triumvirate (69-58 BC) (HM)

Week 08: From Mad love to Bad Blood: Hail Caesar? (58-44 BC) (HM)

Week 09: Never Getting back together..ever?: The rise and fall of 2nd Triumvirate.. (43-31 BC) (HM)


Week 10: And then there was One: Hail Emperor Augustus! (27 BC AD-14) (HM)

Summer Term 2019

All Revision lectures taught by Abigail Graham

Week 1 ESSAY RETURNS and Revision Lecture. The sign up sheet will be outside my office (for thursday and Friday week 1. There will also be a catch up lecture on Augustus in Week 1 (Thursday from 4-6pm in S0. 20). For a guide to structural revision, see notes and powerpoint from the Revision materials given in week 10 of the spring term for the Easter Break revision).

Week 2 How to use evidence in an exam essay: Revision lecture: in situ . This week I offer an optional trip to the British Museum on Thursday May 2nd 2018 . I will be there from 10.45 am. Advance tickets can be quite inexpensive and If you come into Euston (virgin or capital connect) you can walk the short distance to the museum. Session will cover mostly IGRH materials, but will also consider objects for GC&S and RC&S.

Week 3 Revision Lecture: Inside the mind of a marker: Taking and Marking the exam.

Week 4 QUESTION TIME: I will be available this week for questions and concerns, but there will be no formal lecture.