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Latin Language: Assessment


Four interim exams

There will four interim exams of 40 minutes. These will focus on (but not be restricted to) the vocabulary and grammar introduced since the previous exam. Students should be aiming to achieve upwards of 70% in these exams, and reckon on some focused revision over the Christmas and Easter vacations.

Final exam

The two hour exam will contain passages for translation (which have not been seen previously), and a separate section for translation of a few short sentences into Latin. Words that cannot be deduced easily will be glossed. The definitive list for 2017 can be accessed here. There will be a separate list for those following the Living Latin course.

Passing the module

For first year students, this is a core module. If you do not achieve a mark of 40% overall in the five exams, then you will be required to resit an examination in the first week of September. If you do not pass in September, you will be required to withdraw from the University. We give focused support to help you achieve a first-time pass, but the work and drive has to come from you.

Non-first years cannot resit the examination, but carry the mark that they gain. Their unseens translation will be marked on the university's 17 point scale.