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Class 2018-19

The four exams held during the course will be as follows:

  • Monday 11th February 2019 – 10am – 11am, Room LIB2
  • Thursday 25th April 2019 - 9-10 am LIB2 (please note the earlier start time)


Week 3

Monday 21st January

magister et discipuli. Check proper understanding of terms: person, number, conjugation, -ere (-io) and personal endings. Keep working on vocabulary! Sing more songs!

For next time: exercises (on sheet) and Pensa. Check your answers (see the password-protected page). I STRONGLY suggest you note in a separate list all the definitions, synonyms etc. in the columns next to the texts and use this as the starting point for your vocabulary. I always check these in examinations, because they make you think in the language.

Week 2

Monday 14th January

Return of exams. Check understanding of XIII especially vocabulary. Start XIV novus dies.Focus on participles. For Wednesday: read through and listen to XIV. Make list of questions. Read guide.

Wednesday 16th January

Detailed consideration of participles. Free-writing. For Friday: sheet of three exercises and the Pensa. Check your answers online.

Friday 18th Janauary

adjectives, forms of particples and enclosing word order. Start Chapter XV magister et discipuli. Read all the way through, listen to the recording: develop list of questions.

Week 1

Wednesday 9th January

Review of what language learning is - SLA theory, and how this term will change emphasis a little. Overview of work this term.

Start Capitulum XIII: annus et menses

For Friday: read through to end of Chapter, listen, make list of points you don't understand. Do several times.Do not use guide until you have worked on the passage for one hour, please. Then work on for another hour.

Friday 11th January

Group work: comparing problems; then reporting to class. Manipulation of the language.

For Monday:

I: exercises 2 and 6 on the handout

II: do Pensa to Capitulum XIII, carefully.

II: write for 10 minutes a free composition in Latin on The Roman Army, using vocabulary from Chapter 12. with some 4th declension nouns, comparatives and superlatives.


Week 10

Four classes this week.

Class 1

Summary of topics since week 6. Verbs with infinitive ('accusativo cum infinitivo'), both active and passive. apponere/imponere/tangere et partes corporis.

Do exercises for Chapter XI (handouts outside my office). Check answers.

Class 2

song: rustica puella. revision of all declension endings. Introduction to adjectives with 3rd declension endings (brev|is, -e) and exploration of how this impacts agreement. Examples (see sheet). Part 1 of Chapter 12

Class 3

Pensa A and C of Chapter 11 (very important for revision).Revision booklet for week 1 exam. Introduction to 4th declension noun endings. Read rest of Chapter 12. For next time: 1. finish the adjective agreement sheet. 2. Read the revision booklet, to see if you have any questions. 3. work through the story of chapter 12, and 4. list any questions.

Class 4

About the exam on the first day of next term. Quick explanation of comparatives; 'partitive' genitives; acccusative to express distance "how long?". Check story of Chapter 12.

Week 9

Friday 30th November

Check Pensa and check 3rd declension nouns, and adjectives. Explain 3rd declension neuter nouns. Read through Capitulum XI.

For Monday: go through Capitulum XI, making sure you understand it or have a list of questions.

Monday 26th November

recensio and new explanations


Read through scaena tertia

For Friday: complete questions on handout and Pensa, and check your answers.

Week 8

Monday 19th November

Revision exercises: introduction to third declension nouns (see handout - outside my room). Read through lines 1-85 of Pastor et oves, Capitulum IX. For Wednesday: (change to regime)

  • Go through this carefully, checking you understand all the new vocabulary (see sheet)
  • Recognise as much of the vocabulary as possible
  • Check you understand the concept of the third declension nouns.
  • Learn the standard 3rd declension endings
  • Copies of handouts available outside my office.
Wednesday 21st November
  • Questions from Monday
  • Quiz on vocabulary,
  • exercises on 3rd declension endings including adjectival agreement,
  • dum (two meanings)
  • ipse
  • duc and ēst / edunt
  • read-through lines 39-86

For Friday:

  • exercises and pensa (check your answers)
  • Firm up vocabulary for this chapter and new endings for the third declension.
Friday 23rd November

Check on third declension endings and concept/practice of agreement. Summary of 'the infinitive'. Read through Capitulum 10: give out list of new vocabulary and guide to the chapter (copies outside my office).

For Monday: spend all your two hours reading through all of the chapter, noting down where you need to ask questions on Monday, and also getting to grips with the new vocabulary.

Week 7

Monday 12th November

Go through Pensa of 7. Recapitulation of synonyms and antonyms, dative and question words. Read lectio prima. For Wednesday:

  • go over Pensa of Capitula VII again (these were not yet fluent enough)
  • read lectio prima
  • do exercises for lectio prima (copies outside my office)
  • check these to model answers on-line (I have now put up a guide to this chapter for you to consult)

email me with any questions, please.


Wednesday 14th November

Lectio secunda; pronouns is/ea/id and hic/haec/hoc

For Friday:

  • go carefully through lectio secunda, listening, reading
  • check materials available on class page
  • learn the pronouns hic haec hoc and is ea id so you can write them out fluently
  • do exercises for part 2
Friday 16th November

lectio tertia; writing out hic haec hoc

For Monday: do the rest of the exercises (may be try the online version with pull-down boxes). Check your anwers (Familia Romana page). . Make sure you are happy with all the new vocabulary. Continue writing out hic haec hoc. Check you are happy with pronouns! Have a go at the Pensa!

Week 6

Monday 5th November


Wednesday 7th November

Capitulum VII, lectiones I et II.

For Friday: read through passage several times, getting to know the vocabulary, noting down synonima and contraria: complete exercises 1-6 on handout, and check your answers to my model answers.

Friday 9th November

Lectio tertia. Study tips (reminder). Return of Exam 1. For Monday: read at least three times through lectio tertia (III) (and reread parts 1 and 2).Then do remainder of exercises given out on Wednesday, plus the new sheet plus Pensa. Check your answers. email me if there are things you do not understand.

Week 5

Monday 29th October

Revise Capitulum quīntum: indicatives and imperatives; accusative plurals and prepositions followed by a noun in the ablative case. Then start Capitulum sextum (VI), part 1 (versūs 1-45). Prepositions with the accusative case.

For Wednesday: read carefully several times through lines complete sheet of exercises for lectio prima (copies outside my office) and check answers (coming soon: see familia Romana page, as always). Note: the sheet includes questions for the second half - lectio secunda. Any questions: via email, Office Hour or at start of the Wednesday lesson.

Wednesday 31st October

Preposition practice. Towns do not need prepositions ad or ab; and the locative case instead of in. Introduction to the passive voice: chapter 6. Read lectio secunda.

For Friday: go carefully through lectio secunda, and do exercises as given out on Monday. Check online. Make sure your vocabulary is good!

Friday 2nd November

Revision for Monday's exam: nouns, verbs and prepositions, and Pensa A, B and C.

Week 4

Monday 22nd October

Check vocabulary on Ch. 3. Finish Chapter 4 (vocative, imperative). Chapter 4 song.

For Wednesday: do the exercises on the sheets given out in class and check your answers (see familia Romana page). Remember you can get guidance from the enchiridion (booklet) I gave out at the start of term and from the published guide. Check the advice offered you by the first years from 2017/18 to see what is helpful to you.

Wednesday 24th October

Chapter 4 song and pensa. Part 1 of Chapter 5.

For Friday: exercitia :Exercitium 1-5; Esercizio 1-4. Check the answers I sent around; let me know if you are having problems.

Friday 26th October

Finish Capitulum 25. (plurals and ablatives)

  • For Monday: read through all of Capituum V several times so that you know ALL the vocabulary.
  • Do exercises tertium to septimum on the sheet (spares outside H2.39)
  • Check answers here.
  • D Pensa A and B.

Week 3

Monday 15th October

Certamen II; Start Capitulum III, Scaena prima et secunda.

Do the exercitia set and check you anwers (both on the familia Romana page)

Wednesday 17th October.

If you are having problems with the concept of the accusative try this short animation here.

Capitulum III: the accusative case - singular, and the letter 'm'. Thinking about learning styles.

For Friday:

  • Read through part 3 very carefully, looking at your notes on structure, and qui/quae (nominative) and quem/quam (accusative) joining two simple sentences (as well as asking questions).
  • Do Exercitium 6 and 7, and Exercizio 15 on handout (on next page)
  • Check your answers
  • Do at least the first two Pensa
  • Check your answers.
  • Be satisfied you have picked up the new vocabulary from Chapter 3.
Friday 19th October

Checking on concept of accusative in practical terms. Lection prima, Capitulum Quartum.

For Monday: exercises, as on sheet (pdf on familia Romana page) side 1, Exercitia 1-4. Esercizio 1, 2, 3 and 4. (You may find it helpful to read the rest of p.27, as far as line 43.

Check answers (see familia Romana page)

Week 2

Monday 8th October

Today: capitulum primum, pars tertia (III). We finish Capitulum primum and sing our first poem (carmen).

For Thursday:

  • Read, several times pars tertia (III), indeed the whole of the chapter.
  • Do seperate sheet of exercises (the 'Italian job')
  • Do Pēnsa A et B, and check your answers. Do them orally, perhaps. several times
  • Do Pēnsa C: I will ask all of you to have a go without notes on Thursday.
  • Test of all vocabulary on Thursday! Good luck.
Thursday 11th October

Certāmen (quiz) on Capitulum 1. Start Capitulum 2, Lectio 1 and Lectio 2 (lines 1-61).

For Friday

Exercises 1-9.

Most of these you can probably do orally, in which case, do so, and try to do several times.

Remember to read my enchiridion (guide) if you want more explicit help on the genitive case.

Friday 12th October

Carmen: Forum Romanorum; explanation of genitivus Anglice; reading to end of Capitulum secundum

For Monday:

  • finish exercises from sheet given out yesterday, 1-9, and check answers on-line (Familia Romana webpage).
  • Learn vocabulary for this chapter
  • Do Pensum A and Pensum B and check answers
  • (We will do do Pensum C together in class on Monday just beofre the certamen on capitulum II)


Week 1

Wednesday 3rd October

capitulum primum, pars prima.

For Friday:

listen to passage and read through it for understanding (see Famila Romana page)
complete exercises on handout
make sure at the end you know the meaning of all the words (lines 1-21

Friday 5th October

capitulum primum, pars secunda (II): more plurals (insular, fluvii, oppida)

For Monday:

  • make sure you know the vocabulary to date
  • complete the exercises on the handout and check answers (see familia Romana page)