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Classes - CAL

There will be four interim exams, each worth 10% of the module, as follows:

T1, Monday week 6 (6/11), 1pm – Lib2: revision sheet

T2, wk 1, (8/1/18), 10am – Lib2: revision booket

T3, wk 6, (12/2/18), 10am – Lib2: summary of Term 2 work; material up to and including Chapter 17.

T4, wk 1, (23/4/18), 11am – Lib2: focus 13-22: list of vocabulary 13-22; summary of work for term 2 for exam 4

Week 23

Wednesday 9th May

Pluperfect tense. Revision of other tenses. Reading part 2 of Capitulum XXIV. Revision booklet. If you were absent, please see me in my office to collect one.

Friday 11th May

nb last session will be on Monday 14th, 11-12 (group B); 12-1 (Group A)

Verb synopsis of dare, frangere. Practice one of these every day for the irregular verbs.

Perseus: sit down and translate this story (ON ALTERNATE LINES): give yourself 1 1/2 hours. We will go through this on Monday.


  • total vocabulary (by frequency)
  • 2017 exam paper
  • Perseus part 1

Come to my office to get one if you were absent, please.

Week 22

Monday 30th April

Revision of tenses (spider diagram). Scaena secunda, usque ad 121.

Wednesday 2nd May

Finish Chapter 23. Return exams. Guidance on reported speech with future infinitives and accusative subjects; and ablative absolutes with perfect passive participles. For Friday: handout of exercises.

Friday 4th May

Overview of all participles and infinitives (PowerPoint).Chapter 24 to c.line 40. carmen Caesaris triumphantis. for next Wednesday: go through part 1, several times, carefully. Go through the attached part 1 exercises.

Week 21

Monday 23rd April


Wednesday 25th April

Revision of principal parts of verbs, and tenses generally. Capitulum XXIII, part 1.

For Friday:

  1. Go through part 1 several times (as usual). Then write a summary in Latin - strictly 15 minutes.
  2. Do exercises on the sheet (check answers on line)
  3. Start learning vocab and new set of principal parts for this chapter (handout).
Friday 27th April

Exercise sheet. Chapter 23, part 2.

Week 20

Monday 12th March

Capitulum 22, Part 1. For Wednesday; check part 1 carefully, go over vocabulary, and do the four exercises (see separate page for exercises and vocabulary list).

Wednesday 14th March

Go over second part carefully of Capitulum XXII, learning vocabulary. Complete the exercises and check your answers.

Friday 16th March. Important class

Various exercise and materials for revision. Today' session suggested recent vocabulary needs significantly more attention! Next exam: Monday, Week 1 at 11am. Get revising over the vacation.

Week 19


Chapter 21, part 1. See Familia Romana page.


Chapter 21, part 2. See Familia Romana page.


Chapter 21, part 3. See Familia Romana page.. Pensum A, Pensum B. Write for 15 minutes, in the perfect tense your retelling of MARCUS FOUGHT SEXTUS.

Week 18

Monday 26th February

Capitulum XX, Scaena 2 (lines 47-102), with discussion/checking of vocabulary. Recap of two ways Latin shows the future tense. For Wednesday: four exercises, complete the sheet, and check your answers (see Familia Romana page). Email me if you need me to go through them on Wednesday. Go over vocabulary.

Wednesday 28th February

Checking on future tense of deponent verbs. Exercise: non nunc sed mox. Read part 3 of Capitulum Vicesimum (XX). Introduction to carmen Bonum vinum (Carm. Bur. 200). List of complete vocabulary (with Latin definitions and English meanings). For Friday: deponents exercise, Pensum A and B (check answers in usual place) and write for 15 minutes in Latin on the title Aemilia and Iulius are going to have a baby.

Keep an eye on this page in case the weather prevents me from reaching campus on Friday.

Week 17

Monday 19th February

Scaena, part 2. Vocabulary sheet given out and worksheet on imperfect tense. Complete worksheet and check answers (on Familia Romana page), get on top of new vocabulary so far.

Wednesday 21st February

Scaena 3 Capitulum XIX. Checking on idioms (how old? how long ago?) and new vocabulary. Confirming vowels before -ba signifier of the imperfect tense (and relating this to what we have met in participles). Carmen: tempus est iucundus. For Friday: check on waht adverbs are (see chapter XVIII). Go carefully through Scaena 3; finish learning vocabulary (see sheet) and then complete Pensa A and B (go to the Familia Romana page to check your answers) and write down answers from Pensum C. I will hear at least two answers discipuli cuiusque. Please do not forget to bring your answers!

Friday 23 February

Pensum C; revision of adverbs - see page 143 again, and read lines 195-212. New vocabulary for Part 1 of Chapter 20 and read through. Note the forms for the future: erit/erunt; portabit/bunt; audiet/audient. Differentiate from the imperfect. For Monday: listen to and reread Capitulum XX Parentes, lines1-46 and do the exercises and check the answers (all on familia Romana page). Mark up any questions for Monday - either by email or ask before we start.

Week 16

Lunae dies, 12th February

Periculum: Lib 2 at 10.00am

Mercuri dies, 14th February

scaena tertia. carmen. tempus est iucundum. For Friday: Pensa A, B and C, Capitulum XVIII.

Veneris dies, 16th February

incipimus capitulum XIX et legimus lectionem primam, versus 1-58. verba deponientia facere conamini, et pensa habemus. scribite responsa tua et corrigite menda - videte aliam paginam in rete (net) cui nomen est 'Familia Romana'. bonam fortunam!

Week 15

Lunae dies, 5th February

legimus patrem tertiam Capituli XVII. praeparatio: lege rursus tertiam partem. deinde scribe tua responsa: Pensum A et B et C. aspicite paginas Famila Romana si vis responsa recta videre vis. See me if you need the revision handouts because you were absent.

Mercuri dies 7th February

Part 1 Capitulum XVIII, plus a couple of exercises. I suggest you don't spend much time on new vocabulary but consolidate what we have done so far this term in preparation for Monday's exam.

Veneris dies, 9th February

Read Part 2 Capitulum XVIII. Over the weekend, for Monday. Revision. But you will need to do work on vocabulary and exercises I will put up after Monday's exam, in preparation for Wednesday.

Week 14

Lunae dies, 29th January

Capitulum 16. Part 2. Focus on deponents. Sheet of three exercises to do, and work HARD on acquiring vocabulary - there's more than usual in this chapter.

Mercuri dies, 31st January

Finish Capitulum 16, with part 3. Partitve genitives, verb fit/fiunt/fieri. carmen: in portu ostiensi. For Friday: sheet of two exercises and Pensa A and B. Please make a point of reading through Pars tertia three times, minimum, using the audio recording if appropriate.

Veneris dies, 2nd February

read parts 1 and 2 of Capitulum XVII. Introduction ro -r, -ris, -tur, -mur, -mini, -untur, across the conjugations, and the different vowels. Sheet of exercises and vocabulary for these sections handed out. For Monday: read through THREE TIMES, then make sure you know the vocabulary; complete the sheets as on the handout and then check your answers in the restricted access Familia Romana page.

Week 13

Monday/Tuesday (catch-up)

Capitulum XV, pars secunda. Read though, check understanding of vocabulary and new verb terminations. Do exercises on sheet and check answers and practice going through the endings, paying attention to the vowels just before the ending (see Familia Romana page).

Tuesday catch-up Latin is in H0.43. Thanks for all making it there. Much appreciated!

Wednesday 24th January

XV, pars tertia. sum and possum. Revision of all noun endings.

For Friday: go over all noun endings. Do Pēnsa A and B and check answers on Familia Romana page; do Pēnsum C and be prpeared to read out answers Latinē on Friday!

Friday 26th January

Capitulum XVI: tempestās. Parts 1 and 2 as far as line line 59. For Monday, do Exercises 1 and 3 on the sheet. A copy and the suggested answers is on the Familia Romana page.

Week 12

Monday 15th January

Return exams: well done. Start Capitulum XIV Novus dies. Quick introduction to present participles. For Wednesday: do selected exercises on the sheet, as well as read carefully through Part 1 of novus dies. Check answers on the separate FAMILIA ROMANA page (password protected).

Wednesday 17th January

Take notes on participles, especially word order. Finish reading Parts 2 and 3 of Novus dies. For next time, re-read parts 2 and 3 (c. one hour), and complete Pensa A, B, C. Check answers for A and B (on Familia Romana page) and be prpearted to share answers to C in next session.

Friday/Monday (depending on group)

Capitulum XV Magister et discipuli. Pars prima. Intro to endings. Us ethe lwer work load (and no written exercises) to consolidate.

Week 11

Monday 8th January

exam at 10.00. No classes

Wednesday 10th January

Classes at normal times. Start Capitulum XIII Annus et menses

Friday 12th January

Finish Capitulum XIII

Week 10

Monday 4th December

Check pensa to Capitulum XI (you can refer to answers on Familia Romana page). Capitulum XII, Miles Romanus, scaena secunda. exercitus and third declension adjectives (brevis, -e). Give out sheet of all 3rd declension nouns met so far, and the six 3rd declension adjectives

For Wednesday: go over scaena 2. sheet of exercises, learn exercitus; revise third declension nouns (see sheet).

Wednesday 6th December

Review of the case system, with revision guide. Third declension adjectives and agreement. rustica puella.

For Friday: get your head round agreement, and practice on the two exercises.

Friday 8th December

Caput XII Miles Romanus, scaena tertius. Revision booklet.

Week 9

Monday 27th November

Capitulum XI corpus humanum

Scaena I et II.

For next time: go through; do the exercises (some answers on Familia Romana page)

Wednesday 29th November

Scaena III. vocabulary - synonima et contraria. 3rd declension neuter nouns. More practice on indirect statements - accusative and infinitive.

For next time: learn all third declension noun endings. Go carefully through this chapter. Complete remaining exercises.

Week 8

Monday 20th November

Capitulum 9 PASTOR ET OVES. Scaena secunda. More on 3rd declension nouns and agreement with adjectives. Vocabulary work.

For Wednesday: go over carefully scaena secunda and complete appropriate exercises. See me on Tuesday office hour if you have questions.

Wednesday 22nd November

Start Capitulum X, BESTIAE ET HOMINES to l.56.

For Friday: Relevant exercises 1,2,3,4 (1-8); 5 (1-5), 6 (1-9), 7 (1-10). For some model answers, see Familia Romana page where there is also a recording of the story.

Both Latin Language A and Latin Language B classes will take place Friday, 24 November at 2pm in H0.60.

Friday 24th November

Finish Capitulum X.

For Monday: finish exercises given out on Wednesday and do Pensa A, B and C at the end of Capitulum X.

Week 7

Monday 13th November

Capitulum 8. recap is/ea/id. Introduce in full quiquis, quae, quodquid; hic/haec/hoc. Scaena II.

For Wednesday: go over scaena II. Memorise quiquis, hic/haec/hoc. Complete written exercises for scaena II.

Wednesday 15th November

Scaena tertia capitulo octavo. tantum/quantum

For Friday: go over part 3 and complete the exercises for the tertia pars.. Continue learning pronouns.

Friday 17th November

Cap. VIII - de ablativo et dativo; vocabaula; Pensa C. Capitulum Nonum PASTOR ET OVES et verba tertiae declinationis. usque ad versus 34.

For Monday: learn the endings of ovis and the principles of third declension nouns. Do the associated exercises. Get hic, is and qui and ille perfect!

Week 6

Lunae dies 6th November

Exam in Lib 2.

Mercuri dies 8th November

Capitulum VII Puella et rosa. The dative case for nouns and is ea id. contraria and synonima.

For next time: check you know all the case endings thoroughly. Finish off the written exercises.

Veneris dies 10th November

dic aliter: verba activa/passiva, pone is,ea, id in sententia. Capitulum 8., prima scaena. is ea id.

For Monday: fill in any gaps identified by the exam; (re)learn nouns endings and also table of is ea id (audio recording here).

Week 5

Lunae dies 30th October

in auditorio: Colloquium personarum V - ubi est Medus. Start Capitulum VI. More prepositions - with the accusative.

For next class: check on concepts of prepositions, and accusative and ablative endings. Do the exercises connected with Section 1.

Mercuri dies 1st November

in auditorio: check on prepositions with accusative; concept of the vox passiva. secunda pars, Capitulum VI. See Familia Romana page for PowerPoint and the locative case. See at top of this page for revision handout.

Learn the pasive endings and vocabulary and do the remainder of the exercises.

Veneris dies 3rd November

Revision/ exam tips. Start Puella et rosa, Capitulum VII, as far as line 50. The Dative case.

For Monday: focus on exam. Do part I of the associated written exercises on Tuesday for Wednesday, when we will finish off the chapter.

Week 4

Lunae dies 23rd October

in auditorio: Finish capitulum IV.

For next class: do all exercises, make sure you know vocabulary and vocativus and imperativus and indicativus.

Mercuri dies 25th October

in auditorio: Summarise material of capitulum IV. fabulam agimus. Start capitulum V.

For next class: read again the play. Listen and read through as far as we get in Capitulum V (do this several times). Do related exercises for part 1 of Chapter V. New: see brief notes on what the exercises are checking.Check vocabulary to capitulum 4.

Veneris dies 27th October

in auditorio: check on concepts of prepositions and three exercises (copy here) set for today. Summary of other new features, and checking is ea id. Read rest of capitulum quintum with actions.

For next class: listen, read and re-read the story of Capitulum quintum. Look out for the parts of is ea id and fill in the table. Do exercises as appropriate!

Week 3

Lunae dies 16 October

in auditorio: colloquium secundum; carmen 'forum Romanorum'; Pensa B et C; in capitulo tertio (III), scaena prima et scaena secunda.

For next class: re-read scaenae (listening to audio) and do associated exercises (on handouts)

Mercuri dies 18th October

in auditorio:1. scaena tertia; objects: 2. accusativus (singularis): 3. relative pronoun to join simple sentences. 4. certamen. 5. carmen: versus primus.

For next class: re-read all three scaenae, listening carfully to the audio; complete all the exercises on the sheet and look at the tria pensa capitulo tertio.

Veneris dies 20th October

in auditorio: carmen; oral check of pensa; return certamen. Start capitulum quartum: scaena prima et scaena secunda usque ad paginam 67 carmen. materia nova : imperativum and vocativum. For next class: re-read scaenae several times, listening to the recording. Do exercises for scaena prima.

Week 2

Lunae dies 9th October

in auditorio: Lectio tertia; Colloquium Personarum; Pensum A et B, carmen unum.

For next class: rest of exercises. Re-read lectio tertia. Make sure you know all the vocabulary listed at end of chapter and are confident about endings.

Mercuri dies, 11th October

in auditorio: capitulum secundum: lectio prima secundaque. genetivus. familia Romana: meet the family.

For next class: re-read, do exercises and make sure you understand all the vocabulary.

Veneris dies 13th October (aut Lunae dies)

in auditorio: Capitulum secundum: lectio tertia, Pensum A et B. de adiectivis 'meus' et 'tuus'. carmen 'Filii improbi'. For next class: re-read (and listen to recordings if your pronunciation needs more work), do exercises and make sure you understand all the vocabulary.

Week 1

Wednesday 4th October

Introduction to course. Why do we value Latin so much at Warwick? Page 1, Familia Romana. For Friday: read, reread and listen to recording of lines 1-21. Exercises on sheet, as handed out. Be prepared to answer on Friday.

Friday 6th October

Recap and check of lines 1-21. Continue: plurals of insula, fluvius, oppidum. For Monday: re-read several times. Worksheets - all exercises relevant for Lectio II, (lines 25-61). Be prepared to read out these lines fluently and showing comprehension (use audio recording on separate page if this is helpful). Think about how to organise notes.


  • the most recent research suggests saying things out loud aids memory and comprehension.
  • the weblinks - it may worth having another look now that you are more advanced and experienced.
  • some people have found the Latin hand-outs, a sort of on-line grammar book, at The Latin Library very helpful for their revision. It gives more Latin examples.
  • because of the nature of language learning, you are constantly being exposed to the language: revision as you go along will be an important determinant of how well you do. Leaving it until the final weeks is the best way of ensuring you do not do yourself justice in the module.


If you need a dictionary:

  • New College Latin Dictionary
  • Oxford Pocket Latin Dictionary
  • Collins Latin Dictionary

are all much more user-friendly and selective than on-line dictionaries and can often be picked up second-hand. If you don't have a dictionary to hand Whitaker's Words is the easiest and most reliable, so you may want to bookmark this. Please note it is not a substitute for a physical dictionary.





Test yourself

Interactive Latin


Know your tables

1st: vocare

2nd: sedere

3rd: surgere

4th: audire

mixed: capere


The passive voice in English

The passive voice in Latin