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Latin Language: Organization


Taught sessions

There are two groups which run in parallel. Students are assigned to a group at the start of an academic year, taking into account any other commitments. Each group has three classes per week throughout the 23 weeks of teaching. Please note that classes continue through Week 6 in the Autumn and Spring terms, unlike some other modules in the Department.

You are required to purchase a printed copy of Familia Romana by Hans H. ├śrberg (available at the campus bookshop). A list of words is provided to complement the text book. If you would prefer to purchase your own dictionary, a number are suggested in the Reading List. On-line dictionaries available are either too advanced or contain too many errors to be relied on.

Independent working

Students are expected to do the majority of their work for this module outside taught classes. Class time will be devoted to introducing new concepts via reading, vocabulary and grammar work. Students are advised that they should reckon on spending an average of at least 2 hours of private study between each class and will also need to spend some time during vacations to consolidate material in preparation for an exam on the first day of the next term.

Independent learning will typically involve:

  • written exercises set on topics introduced in the session
  • vocabulary acquisition
  • learning new endings and sentence structures
  • consolidation of recent material

Extensive use is made of additional materials, many developed at Warwick, some available elsewhere. These are made available on the website.