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Spoken Latin in the UK

Since 2017, there has been a growing interest in speaking Latin, driven in particular by students. It's a great way of learning and consolidating the language, but finding out about it can be difficult.

This page brings together details of all known places where people gather to improve their spoken Latin.

Please email me, Clive Letchford, if you want to be included, or have more contact details.

Circulus Latinus Warwickensis



Oxford Latinitas project

contact: maria overy, Oxford, via Facebook Oxford Latinitas project

Autumn 2018

Cambridge reading circle

contact: Eloise Davies, eloisedavies06[at]

Circulus Latinus Dunelmensis

contact: fergus.j.walsh[at]

Autumn 2018 meetings

Circulus Latinus Londininensis

contact: via

There are also a number of residential summer courses in Europe and the US, but of note is the UCL summer school, which for the first time has spoken Latin in 2018.

Summer Courses

This link at is a comprehensive list of courses for speaking Latin in the summer of 2018. Many will run in 2019.

Other useful links

An account of the CA panel The Virtue of Variety, courtesy of Cressida Ryan.

List of resources by Ellie Arnold