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How do we know how Latin was pronounced

or why did Caesar say wayney, weedy, weaky.

How can I hear Latin being spoken?

Try Latinitium at

For grammatical explanations

Latintutorial on YouTube has been very helpful to a number of students in the past.

Nouns and verbs accidence (endings)

There are two main sites which have reliable tests that give practice in Latin forms. If you find more sites which you think are useful, do let me know.

The most helpful is probably the OPEN UNIVERSITY interactive Latin which you should keep returning to.

The other site is:

Latin Driller Killer (DK)

Explanations generally

Some people have found the Latin hand-outs, a sort of on-line grammar book, at Latin Library very helpful for their revision. Others find them too detailed and grammatical.


There are various ways of testing vocabulary. Many of these are available as Android and iphone/ipad Apps, some free, some paid.


Don't forget the low-tech, but very effective methods such as manual flash-cards, cover and say, getting a mean friend, and the tooth-brush method.