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  • Prepare for Week 1 exam.
  • Be able to translate and explain the Latin of the text
  • revise the grammar we have studied to date (see separate handdout I emailed 11th December)

Week 10

Monday 3rd December

Pepetua 11 dum gestamur -13 (end). Prepare for 18-20 (new sheet given out).

Thursday 6th December

pp test first 30 (as far as inquit). conditional clauses (si and nisi); because and although with indicative/subjunctive.

Week 9

Monday 26th November

Writing out verb synopsis.

Perpetua, chapters 7-9.

Thursday 29th November

cum, dum, verbs of fearing. Nested clauses

Perpetua 10-11.

Week 8

Monday 19th November

Perpetua to end of Chapter 5. Analysis of constructions in early part of Perpetua.

Thursday 22nd November

Subjunctives; reported (indirect) questions. For next Thursday: check agere; practice doing for other verbs; do the reported question sheet; use Sphinx drill; finish off Ex 30 analysis questions and check your answers.

Friday 23rd November

Perpetua, Chapter 6 to end of 1st paragraph of Chapter 7. Prepare for pp test (first 20) and prepare text to end of 9 (as above). Much better from some today: well done! Others need to be more precise.

Week 7

Monday 12th November

Start Perpetua; give out 'clean text' version of Perpetua. Vocab quiz on chapter 29. Principal parts sheet - for the rest of term, divided up into sessions. Discsussion of first four (esse to facere).

For Thursday:

  • prepare Perpetua to the end of p.8 (in nomine Iesu Christi)
  • learn 1st four principal parts (esse, posse, videre, facere)
Thursday 14th November

Perpetua pages 6 and 8.

Friday 16th November

Part two of Convivium. Please prepare Perpetua to the end of Chapter 5, and do the exercises given out during the class.

Week 5

Monday 29th October

Well remembered with the jussive subjunctive! Vocabulary test on Capitulum 28 (see here for scan). Revision of how all the tenses are formed. Part 2 of necesse est nāvigāre.

For Thursday:

  • continue with last set of exercises and check answers.
  • read rest of lectio secunda. Think about num and other question words that are followed by the subjunctive mood. Come prepared with a list of questions!
  • cum as meaning when, but now meaning 'since' and followed by the subjunctive.
Thursday 1st November

Questions form Part 2. Lectio tertia of necesse est nāvigāre.

Friday 2nd November

Start Convivium, Chapter XXX, scaena prima.

For 12th November:

  • prepare Perpetua as far as line 15 on page 6.
  • prepare for vocabulary quiz on 29

Week 4

Monday 22nd October

Part 2 of Perīcula maris. List of vocabulary for 28. For Thursday: go through part 2 three or four times. Do not write out a translation. Get on top of vocabulary for Chapters 27 and 28, check carefully last sheet of exercises.

Thursday 25th October

(delayed) Quiz on vocabulary Capitulum 27. Final part of 28. For Friday/Monday: exercises as given out. They can be checked here.

Friday 26 October

Part 1, necesse est nāvigāre. Jussive subjunctives

Week 3

Monday 15th October

Vocabulary test on Chapter 25. Looking formation of present subjunctive and varieties of usage. Detailed look at res rusticae lines 50-114 and list examples. ut as meaning 'to' or 'that'.

For Thursday:

sheet of written exercises: check your answers here.The first page contains helpful hints!

learn sheet of essential vocabulary for Chapter 26, and take in as much of the rest as you can (listed pages 209-210). Quiz on Friday.

Thursday 18th October

Present subjunctive sheet, plus pars tertia capituli XXVII. Essential vocabulary for this chapter.

Friday 19th October

Start Capitulum 28 pericula maris. Imperfect subjunctive. Return of previous vocabulary quiz.

Look carefully at vocabulary of Chapter 27, quiz on Monday, and have a go at the sheet

(check here).

Week 2

Monday 8th
  • Explicit consideration of deponent imperatives and objective genitives.
  • Quick summary of topics revised in Capitulum XXV (see sheet).
  • First part of Daedalus and Icarus.

For next time (Thursday)

  • Do the Pēnsa A, B and C of Capitulum 25. We will hear Pēnsa C on Thursday.
  • Check once more on the new/revision items in XXV.
  • Learn as much of the vocabulary as you can.
  • Read through Part 1 of Capitulum XXVI. Look at the new grammar if you like to have an overview in advance.
Thursday 11th

moenia Cracoviae

certāmen (quiz) on 25

Capitulum 26 - remainder: quick explanation of gerunds (see summary sheet)

For Friday: read through 26,

  • get going on vocabulary.
  • watch the guide (Latine) to Wroclaw and see how much you can work out.
Friday 12th October

Check on ending of Daedalus and Icarus

Introduction to the subjunctive and formation of the present subjunctive.

Second part of res rusticae.

For Monday:

  • Finish off part 2 for Monday: have list of questions;
  • vocabulary test on Daedalus and Icarus.

Week 1

Thursday 4th October

Outline course. Last year's vocabulary handout. Start Capitulum 25, Familia Romana: Theseus et Minotaurus.

For Friday: Read through fabula several times, prioritise new vocabulary. Start filling gaps.

Friday 5th October

Chapter 25 Familia Romana to end.

On-line dictionaries - simple, clear

Logeion - very detailed, but easy to use

Forcellini -Totius Latinitatis Lexicon even more extensive than the OCLD

Spinx verb testing


Perpetua full text

'Ovid' vocabulary



In Verrem:

Plain text for revision

Aeneid 3:

Plain text for revision