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Session 1

Introduction to the course.

Story: Pygmalion: as revision with reference to cases and expectations, but focus on 3 ways of forming superlatives; uses of the gerund (and recognition). Reminder: all vocabulary is relevant to this year.

Read ahead for the next story, and look up/note points and vocabulary arising from Pygmalion.

Session 2 (A and B: 9/10 Week 2a)

Europa; summary of verb system (indicative only). acc. + infin. plus expectations (revision). comparatives and superlatives. For next session: read Tarpeia. Summarise the story of Europa in around 50 words.

Session 3 (A:12/10 Week 2b)
B: 20/10 Week 3b)

Write out tense summary. Expand to subjunctives. Take in Europa. Vocabulary to date. Deponent verbs. Tarpeia. Irregular comparatives and superlatives.

For 3rd session: prepare Minos.

Session 5 (A: 13/10 Week 2c,

Group B on 20/10 Week 3b

Return Europa stories. Read Minos. Irregular comparatives and superlatives and sentence structures.

Continue with vocabulary. Read Phrixus and Helle; retell story of Minos, double-spaced.

Session 6

Group A:16/10 Week 3a

Group B: 20/10 - Week 3c

Analysis of Phrixus and Helle (with sheet).

For next session: prepare half of Atalanta.

Session 7

Group A:Thursday 19th October

Group B: Monday 23rd October 

Atalanta, first part. Reminder of approach and aims.

For next session: prepare rest of Atalanta; answer sheet of grammar questions; work on vocabulary (test on Monday).

Session 8

Group A: Friday 20th October

Group B: 27th October

Finish Atalanta.

For next session: Start Orpheus; vocabulary quiz. Summarise Atalanta - spend 30 minutes, then answer grammar questions.

Session 9

Group A: Monday 23rd October

Group B: 27th October

Orpheus (part one). Reminder of aims and summary of where we are grammatically (see handout).

For session 10: Orpheus grammar questions. Prepare to end of Orpheus.

Session 10

Group A: Thursday 26th October

Group B: Monday 30th November

Give in Atalanta summaries. Orpheus - to l.65. Indirect questions- initial ecstasis. CONFIRM V CATCH UP ON FRIDAY WEEK 6

For Friday: look through vocabulary, answer Orpheus 2 questions.

Session 11

Group A: Friday 27th October

Revise new vocabulary in Orpheus. Indirect questions. Finish Orpheus, modelling approach.

For Monday: summary of Orpheus; Latine scripta: 30 minutes; continue on vocabulary (fill in any gaps in question words); prepare Pandora's Vase.

Session 12

Group A: Monday 30th October

Deadline for Orpheus summary: mid-day Tuesday! Read Pandora's vase. Check on vocabulary.

For next time: Go over Pandora; check I.Q. (indirect questions)

Session 13

Group A: Thursday 2nd November

Group B: 10th November

Vocabulary quiz! Finish Pandora. Conditional clauses. Return Atalanta.

Session 14

Group A: 3rd November

Group B: 10th November

Read Acis and Galatea. Conditional sentences (Morwood, p. 114ff).

Over Week 6. Pick out all constructions in your allotted story, word process, so we can have a bank of examples. Continue to fill in gaps in vocabulary. If you want to start preparing Perpetua email me for the text. Otherwise I will let you know when it is available - I hope by around Wednesday.

Session 15 (Week 7a)

First two pages of Latin of Perpetua.

Session 16 (Week 7b)

cum and dum; gerundives.

Session 17 (Week 7b)

Next two pages of Perpetua

Session 17

Perpetua, pages 5 and 6 of the Latin as far as dream about her brother.

For Friday: prepare p.14 start chapter 7 (post dies paucos) to the end of chapter 9.

Session 18

Grammar. Participles revision; subjunctive for alleged reason (see right hand column for PowerPoint). Feed back E2L1.

For next grammar session: E2L2. Revise participles.

Session 19

Text as far as end of page 18.

Prepare to p.22.

Session 20

(Week 9)

Text pages 20 and 22.

Session 21

(Grammar, Week 9)

Feedback on E2L 2. Predicative dative; gerundives.

E2L3: give in by Wednesday lunchtime if you want specific feedback.

Session 22

(Week 9)

Perpetua, pages 24 and 26.

Session 23

(week 10)

Perpetua: chapters 18, 20(a) (collect additional word list)

Session 24

(Grammar, Week 10)

Mock exam. Verbs of Fearing. E2L3.

Session 25

Final class of term: Perpetua: mock: suggested answers (email if you didn't get a copy of the questions).

Read chapters 20(b) -21.


Exam: chapter 2-13; 18, 20, 21

Plain text (for revision)

Audio (files around 30M)

Time clauses

Concessive clauses