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Organisation and Assessment

There are three classes each week. Teaching for the module takes place through the Autumn and Spring Terms and the first three weeks of the Summer Term. In Week 6 of the first two terms, there is no teaching for second and third years because of the reading week, but 1st year students will be required to attend.

High priority is put on regular attendance, since experience has shown that this is very important for reaching a sound standard in both the linguistic and literary matters studied.

This module is assessed through two examinations, as follows:

1. Start of Spring Term (Week 1) – 1 hour (20%)

comprising translation from Latin and grammar questions (equally weighted) on the set text studied in the first term. 

2. At the end of the academic year, 2 hour examination (80%).

It comprises three questions:

  • Text 2 (studied in term 2)
  • Text 3 (studied in term 2)
  • a passage for unseen translation from a specified author.

Questions will encompass translation, and questions on grammatical and stylistic matters.