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As a continuation to the Latin Language module, this module aims to improve the student's knowledge of accidence and syntax. A list of these is available in the printed module handbook. This will be the focus of the classes for the first few weeks of the Autumn term. Knowledge of the AS prescribed vocabulary list is expected by Week 5 and students are expected to have made a good start before the beginning of the year.

After this, focus will shift towards reading Latin through three set texts. The set texts read for the year 2016/17 will be:

  • Caesar De Bello Gallico extracts from Book IV and V - text provided. The full prescription will be available on the set texts page. (Autumn term, from week 4)
  • Cicero Selection from pro Caelio.The full prescription will be available on the set texts page. (Spring term from Week 1)
  • Virgil, selections from Aeneid V (edition: Focus Publishing) Spring and summer term.

The examination can be on any portion of the text studied in class and will include questions on grammar and content. Texts are chosen for their intrinsic interest as well as their capacity to deepen students' understanding of the language. Students are required to prepare translations, which are then discussed in class along with content. Students will need to go over the text again immediately after each class to consolidate their work.

Attention will be given to unseen translation in the latter half of the course. This consists of consolidation of the language by the means of translation into Latin and practice in translating passages from a prescribed author (Ovid, hexameters this year). There is a prescribed list of vocabulary for the spring term.


Students will need to purchase copies of the Oxford Grammar of Latin – James Morwood (OUP), a dictionary and Latin Beyond GCSE – John Taylor (Bristol Classical Press). In the second term they will need to buy a copy of the edition of Aeneid III.