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Course Description

This module is open to students who have completed A-level Latin (or equivalent) or the beginners’ and intermediate Latin modules within the Classics Department at the University of Warwick. It builds on the grammatical knowledge that the student has already acquired by exploring 9 aspects of Latin grammar in detail. The module also delivers the student a basic knowledge of the history of Latin literature. Excerpts from different genres and registers are examined. The module provides students with the appropriate tools to read, analyse and interpret Latin texts in the original, and thus to bridge the gap between language modules and literary content modules. The module will concentrate on three Roman authors who lived under the emperor Augustus. The module provides students who wish to undertake postgraduate study with the necessary language skills for conducting research.

Module aims

To encourage fluency in reading LatinTo develop literary skills through the close analysis of textsTo give a general understanding of the major themes of the set texts


By the end of the module students should have:

  • an advanced and comprehensive knowledge of Latin grammaran appreciation of the history of the Latin languagean appreciation of the evolution of style in Roman texts in a number of genres and registers
  • the ability to translate the set texts
  • some understanding of how language and style contribute to the overall comprehension of the texts
  • an awareness of how the thematic concerns of the individual books studied relate to the authors’ work as a whole