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  • Virgil, Aeneid (selection)
  • Livy 1 (selection)
  • Lucan Civil War (selection)
  • Statius Thebaid (selection)
  • Ovid, Metamorphoses 3

For the Roman texts, you will need to buy Lucan's Civil War (translation by Susanna Braund, Oxford University Press), and either Shackleton Bailey's Loeb edition of Statius' Thebaid, or Jane Wilson Joyce's verse translation of the Thebaid in the Cornell Masters of Latin Literature series. You should also buy the 2004 Penguin verse translation of Ovid's Metamorphoses, and a translation of Virgil's Aeneid (see bibliography for suggestions) if you don't already own them. All other primary texts will be provided by the lecturer.


  • Homer, Iliad 1, 7, 9, 19 (Lattimore, Chicago)
  • Pindar, Pythian 1 (Nisetich, Pindar's Victory Songs: provided/course extract); Bacchylides, Dithyramb 17 (Campbell, Loeb: provided/course extract)
  • Euripides, Suppliants (Penguin); Aristophanes, Knights (Penguin)
  • Herodotus Book 3 (De Selincourt, Penguin)
  • Gorgias, Encomium of Helen (trans. Dillon & Gergel, The Greek Sophists, Penguin)
Prescribed editions for Classics Students offering the module with original Latin:
  • Statius Thebaid 9 (buy the Loeb edition, or if you are feeling wealthy, Dewar's OUP commentary)
  • Ovid Metamorphoses 3 (Bloomsbury/Bristol Classical Press, edited by A.R. Henderson)
Prescribed editions for Classics Students offering the module with original Greek:
  • Homer Iliad IX, ed. Jasper Griffin (Oxford)
  • Pindar, Pythian 1, ed. Snell-Maehler, Teubner (text & commentary supplied as a course extract)
  • Bacchylides 17, ed. Maehler, Cambridge 'Green & Yellow' (text & commentary supplied as course extract)
  • Herodotus 3.80–4, ed. Hude, Oxford (text & commentary supplied as course extract); Gorgias, Encomium of Helen (text supplied as course extract)

Reduced prescriptions for Classics Students offering the module with both original Greek and Latin (editions as above):
Greek: Homer, Iliad 9; Pindar, Pythian 1; Herodotus 3.80–4
Latin: Ovid Metamorphoses 3