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Lectures for Autumn Term 2017 (Seminars in weeks 3,5 and 10)

All lectures are in S0.21

  • Week 01 Rome: Centre of the Universe (AG)
  • Week 02 Show me the Money: Coins, trade and economy (AG)
  • Week 03 Are you not entertained? Perspectives on the Roman games (AG)
  • Week 03 Seminar 1: Archaeological Sources: Ostia and the Roman Empire (AG (Thurs groups) & JK (Fri groups) for more info, see the Seminar page!
  • Week 04 All too familiar: The Roman Family & Familia (AG)
  • Week 05 Seminar 2 (In Class Debate) Bloody Parade or Raucous Charade? Experiencing the games & assessing literary perspectives (AG)
  • Week 06 Who do you think you are? Citizens, Freedmen and Slaves (AG)
  • Week 07 Always Remember to Pillage before you Burn : Life in the Roman Army (AG)
  • Week 08 Death & Burial: Living & Dying in the Roman world (AG)
  • Week 09 Roman Literacy and Education: Monumental Insights (AG)
  • Week 10 Essay Feedbck and Mini Lecture on Employing Feedback (AG)
  • Week 10 Seminar 3: The Writing's on the wall: Literacy and Epigraphic sources (AG (Thurs groups) & KT *Fri Groups)

Lectures for Spring Term 2018 (Seminars in weeks 3,5)

  • Week 01 Literature 1: Refounding Rome: Virgil's Aeneid (VR) (Word Document) Handout 1 (Powerpoint Presentation) Powerpt 1
  • Week 02 Literature 2: Desiring Rome: Ovidian elegy (VR) (Word Document) Handout 2 (Powerpoint Presentation) Powerpoint 2
  • Week 03 Literature 3: Remembering and Forgetting Rome: from Horace to Tacitus (VR)
  • Week 03 Seminar 4 - Virgil (JK + KT )
  • Week 04 Come Dine with Me Part I: Nero, Petronius & an intro to the Roman House (AG)
  • Week 05 Seminar 5 - Tacitus' Agricola (DS: Groups 3 & 4), AG: Groups 1 &2)
  • Week 05 Come Dine with Me: Part II. Dining & Domestic Space (HA)
  • Week 06 Effects of Rome: Romanisation?  (JK)
  • Week 07 Roman Syria (KB)
  • Week 08 Imitation or Innovation: Roman Art and Architecture (HA)
  • Week 09 Roman Coinage and the Economy (KB)
  • Week 10 Essay Feedback and Exam Revision Session (AG)
  • Summer Term 2018

  • Week 01 Revision Lecture 1 (AG).: This will focus on revision strategy, time management, & consolidating course materials. (Word Document)Gobbet Worksheet for the British Museum
  • Week 02 British Museum Field Trip. Exam Gobbet Tutorial. This sesssion is compulsory, but more importantly, it is a brilliant opportunity to practise Exam Gobbets with the examiners (Abigail, James and Roel(?)).
  • Thursday May 3rd: Arrive at 11.00- finish at 1.30/2pm. Be sure to eat before you arrive or grab something before you come in (food at the BM is not inexpensive).
  • Buy tickets at the trainline website you want to arrive at 11 or earlier, and if you come from Coventry into Euston, it is a 5-10 min walk to the museum (save on a tube fare).
  • Non intelligunt homines, quam magnum vectigal sit parsimonia! "Men do not understand how great a revenue frugality can be!" Cicero Paradoxa Stoicorum 4.
  • Right now (Feb 21st 2018) morning trains range from 6-10 pounds, return fares (at. 2.30/3pm) are from 7-10 pounds (before railcard discounts have been applied). If you try to book the day before or week before, you will pay much more. So please note** this trip could cost as little as 10-12 pounds return**
  • Week 03 Revision Lecture 2 (AG): This will focus on practise tests and how to mark an exam.
  • Week 04: Office hours for last minute exam queries. Please email in advance to set up a time.


Remains of the Circus Maximus

Sunset on the Palatine Hill

Inside the Pyramid of Cestius