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October 30: The ‘Hopkins model’


Hopkins, K 1980 ‘Taxes and trade in the Roman empire’, Journal of Roman Studies 70, pp. 101-125. Make sure you understand what Hopkins is arguing and be prepared to discuss it in class. What is the ‘Hopkins model’ of taxes and trade? How do you think you would test it? What is the difference between deduction and induction? (If you want to find out more about models, read the first section of Hopkins’s later essay ‘Rome, taxes, rents and trade’, in Scheidel and von Reden, The Ancient Economy, Edinburgh, pp. 191-3.)

January 14: The debate over the function of Roman coinage

Was coinage used by the state as a means of payment only, or did the producers of coin also consider its function as a means of exchange?


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Date tba: Is the distribution of amphoras a good indication of the extent and scale of trade?

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Date tba: Was the Roman army a 'total institution'?


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