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Assessed Essay 2

Deadline: 12 noon, Friday 9 March 2018 (Week 9)
  • Which episode of provincial unrest represented the most serious threat to Roman rule?
  • To what extent does coinage illustrate the political concerns of individual emperors?
  • Do literature and visual culture combine to present a unified picture of the ‘Second Sophistic’?
  • How did Athens become re-established as an important centre for the Greek East by AD 138?
  • What contribution is made by inscriptions to our understanding of life in the provinces?

Essay titles for Latinists ONLY [all students studying the module as a Latin-text option MUST choose one of the following titles:

  • How does Tacitus use the island of Britain and its inhabitants to shape his account of the life of Agricola?
  • How do you explain Juvenal’s characterization of Umbricius?
  • Why did the Senate publish the Senatus consultum de Cn. Pisone Patre?
  • Do Statius’ poems Silvae 4.1-3 demonstrate the triumph of style over substance?

Assessed Essay 1

Deadline: 12 noon, Thursday 7th December 2017 (Week 10)

  • Is it accurate to call any of these emperors a tyrant?
  • By what means was dynastic power consolidated from one emperor to the next?
  • How biographical in approach is Tacitus’ Annales?
  • Is Pliny’s Panegyricus of any historical value?
  • How important was foreign military conquest to the authority of individual emperors in Rome?
  • How did the role played by imperial women in political life change over time?
  • Was Tacitus a misogynist?