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Unassessed Gobbets

Please hand in at lecture during Week 3.


Comment on points of interest in the following passage:

[By] our goddess Artemis Acraea and our goddess Core and our god Apollo Hylates and our god Apollo Cerynetes and our saviours the Twins and the goddess who belongs to the entire island, Hestia who presides over the council, and the gods and goddesses who are the ancestral deities common to the entire island and the descendant of Aphrodite, the god Augustus Caesar, and by Rome who lives for ever and all the other gods and goddesses, we ourselves and our descendants swear to hearken and be obedient by land and sea, to show good will, to reverence [blank] Tiberius Caesar Augustus, son of Augustus, with all his house, and to have the same man as friend and enemy that they have, and along with the other gods to introduce and vote for [?religious rites] only for Rome and Tiberius Caesar Augustus, son of Augustus [blank] and for the sons of his blood and for nobody else whatsoever [---]

Palaipaphos, Cyprus: Mitford (1960)


Translate the following passage AND COMMENT on items of historical, literary, or general interest:

Tacitus, Agricola 4.1-2 (Gnaeus Iulius Agricola... bene compositum)