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Seminar - A Closer Look at Coins

Task A

Read ONE of the following discussions of coins as evidence.

  • @ Norena, C. (2011) "Coins and Communication," in M. Peachin (ed.), The Oxford Handbook of Social Relations in the Roman World pp.248-68 [HN10.R7 O94+ e-book]
  • Norena, C. (2011) Imperial Ideals in the Roman West: Representation, Circulation, Power [DG 271.N67]
  • @ Norena, C. (2001) "The Communication of the Emperor's Virtues," Journal of Roman Studies 91: 146-68 [online at JSTOR]

Task B

Choose ONE of the following coins, listed below.

  • Please look it up in the standard numismatic corpus: RIC = Roman Imperial Coinage – make sure you use the correct edition [CJ 969.M2]; RPC = Roman Provincial Coinage [CJ837.B8]. If these are unavailable, please use the handout for ease of access.
  • Find out its legend + images on obverse and reverse.
  • Can it be precisely dated (eg by imperial titles)?
  • Decide on what basis the images have been identified, and whether you agree with the identifications: are there other possibilities?
  • Find out where it is minted, and what denomination it is.
  • Think about the implications of this for its circulation and audience.
  • Lastly, think about how its images and texts relate to the emperor in question: you can look up key words from the iconography or text in the imperial biography relating to your emperor. Think about what virtues it is promoting, and whether it fits into a particular historical context.

Please liaise with other members of your seminar group to make sure that you cover a range of coins between you.

At the seminar, we shall examine the coins themselves from the Dept collection, and you can share your ideas about the coins: no need to prepare presentations, but please come with some information prepared about one of the coins (or more if you enjoy this!).

Tiberius to Hadrian Coin Selection

  • 2017.1.2 RIC I (2nd edition) – Gaius/Caligula 52
  • 2017.2.1 = RIC I (2nd edition) Claudius 88
  • 2017.1.1 RIC I (2nd edition) Nero 381
  • 2016.2.7 = RPC 5294, Nero
  • 2017.3.1 = RIC I (2nd edition) Nero 66
  • 2016.3.4 = RIC Part 1 (2nd edition) Vespasian 702
  • 2016.1.2 = RIC 938 Vespasian
  • 2016.1.3 = RIC 43, Nerva
  • 2017.4.6 = RPC III 3389, Trajan
  • 2016.1.14 = RIC Trajan 121
  • 2016.1.15 = RIC II Trajan 147b
  • 2016.3.2 = RIC II Trajan 184
  • 2016.3.8 = RIC II Trajan 515
  • 2016.1.19 = RIC II Hadrian 669d
  • 2016.2.4 = RIC II Hadrian 299d