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Warwick Staff Talks

School and association talks and events

Department staff members and the Outreach Assistant regularly give school talks both in the local Warwick area and nationally (and internationally) to age groups from 10 to 18. Staff members and students are also active in a number of Warwick University initiatives and teams engaging with communities across the country to increase access to and enjoyment of education.

Our staff are willing to give talks to schools and share their enthusiasm and expertise. The following staff members and post-graduates are happy to give talks to schools, but please bear in mind that their time and availability are often limited. As such, we at the WCN are very keen on fostering inter-school relationships, and would be especially happy to discuss initiatives which would involve pupils from a number of different schools collectively, meaning we can reach .

If you are interested in the possibility of organising an event for a number of schools, please email Dr Paul Grigsby paul dot grigsby at warwick dot ac dot uk. Otherwise, please contact the academics below directly to find out their availability of speaking at your school/institution.

Prof David Fearn - d dot fearn at warwick dot ac dot uk

Topics: Greek Literature and thought, Classical reception.

Dr Elena Giusti - e dot giusti at warwick dot ac dot uk

Topics: Latin and Greek Literature, Roman thought, Classical reception

Ms. Vicky Jewell (Postgraduate) v dot jewell at warwick dot ac dot uk

Topics: Roman art and archaeology; colour in Greek and Roman worlds

Prof. Zahra Newby - zahra dot newby at warwick dot ac dot uk

Topics: Ancient athletics, Art in Roman world, Myth and Art, Death and Commemoration in the Roman world, Roman housing

Prof. Victoria Rimell - v dot rimell at warwick dot ac dot uk

Topics: Latin and Greek literature, Roman thought, Classical reception

Dr Clare Rowan - c dot rowan at warwick dot ac dot uk

Topics: Coinage handling sessions (Greek or Roman); happy to work with teachers to choose a particular focus that might tie into a particular topic they are teaching - all age groups!; coinage.

Prof Michael Scott - m dot c dot scott at warwick dot ac dot uk

Topics: Ancient Greek history, archaeology, religion, Classics and TV.

Ms Alessandra Tafaro (Postgraduate) a dot tafaro at warwick dot ac dot uk

Topics: Latin literature and Roman epigraphy - especially epigraphic poetry, including epigram and its modern reception.