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Agenda & Minutes May 2008

MA in Translation, Writing and Cultural Difference

Third SSLC Meeting - 12th May 2008



1- Meeting the librarian Jessica Duffield

2- Feedback on courses

3- Dissertation

4- AOB

Minutes of meeting held on the 12th of May 2008, Room H403, 2.00 pm

Present: L. Polezzi, C. Sinibaldi, C. Trevien, librarian J. Duffield

Apologies: A. Adusei-Herbstein, O. Astley, F. Turner-Hanquart, C. Shuttlewood

1-     Students are generally satisfied with the library and its recent remodelling. However, they experienced some problems in finding books especially for the “Crossing Borders” module. They also complained about the School Collection, which is badly organised.  Action: JD will report this to the librarian responsible for the English Dept and will inform the library about the condition of the School Collection. She also reminded the students that they can use the interlibrary loan, as well as filling in the specific form for the books they would like the library to buy.

2-     Students expressed a positive feedback about the modules content and deadlines. However, they reported that in the 2nd term the two deadlines were quite close. Action: LP will pass it on to the German Dept that will be coordinating the Master next year. CT also reported that students in the French stream would have appreciated to do more practical translation. Action: LP will report it to colleagues.

3- Students are aware of the deadline for submitting the dissertation and they are all in contact with their supervisors. However, some doubts emerged about the binding and the referencing system. Action: LP will e-mail everyone, giving information about it.

4- LP suggested to organise a meeting with a librarian, as students may find it useful before starting to work on their dissertation.