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Agenda & Minutes October 07

MA in Translation, Writing and Cultural Difference First SSLC meeting – 31st October 2007 Agenda:

1- Function and calendar of SSLC

2- Election of Chair and Secretary

3- Website

4- Feedback on course so far

5- AOB

6- Date of next meeting

Minutes of meeting held on 31st October 2007, Room H403, 18.00 p.m. Present: L. Polezzi, C. Sinibaldi, C. Trevien, F. Turner-Hanquart Apologies: A. Adusei-Herbstein, O. Astley, C. Shuttlewood 1- LP shortly illustrated functions of SSLC committee; CS reported that she had also attended a Student Union training session; it was confirmed that all six students on the MA will be members of the committee; meetings will take place on average twice per term. 2- CT agreed to put forward her name as Chair and CS offered to take up the role of secretary; FT-H and LP seconded the proposals, but it was agreed that the three students who could not attend the meeting should be consulted on the nominations and given a chance to put forward other names if required. Action: LP will e.mail all re. elections, aiming to confirm Chair & Secretary within a week. 3- LP offered to train Chair and Secretary in the use of Sitebuilder so that they will be able to maintain the SSLC pages on the MA’s website; this will contain agendas and minutes of meetings, plus further material if required (suggestions welcome). Action: training to take place & pages to be created after confirmation of elections. 4- Students reported that things were going well with term 1 modules. The double OMR/Departmental contacts system was initially confusing, but most students have now finalized their options for term 2; FT-H is in discussion with French; CS will see Dr Piotr Kuhiwczack re. changing an option. Action: all students should confirm final choice of options to LP a.s.a.p; LP will then circulate list of deadlines for assessment relating to term 2 modules in question. It was reported that the workshops for Introduction to Translation Studies felt less demanding than the related lectures; it was also suggested that lectures and workshops for this module could be more clearly connected to each other. Action: LP will report to colleagues. 5- LP reminded students of the PG Open Day which will take place Nov. 21st. Action: LP will keep students informed re. programme and confirm if and when presence might be needed. 6- The date for the next meeting (towards end of term) will be agreed via e.mail; we will try to hold meetings on different week days to ensure all students have a chance to attend. Action: Chair/Secretary to organize next meeting.