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Agenda & Minutes November 07


MA in Translation, Writing and Cultural Difference

Second SSLC meeting – 28 November 2007


1- Feedback on courses

2- AOB



Minutes of meeting held on 28st November 2007, Room H403, 15.00 p.m.

Present: L. Polezzi, C. Sinibaldi, C. Trevien, C. Shuttlewood

Apologies: A. Adusei-Herbstein, O. Astley, F. Turner-Hanquart

1-     Students are generally satisfied with the I term courses. CS and CT reported that the workshop for Introduction to Translation Studies improved after the last SSLC meeting; readings were given in advance and there was more discussion in class, as well as presentations of group works.

2-     Students reported their problems in finding books in the library especially for translations/assignments related to German, French and Italian modules. Action: LP proposed to invite Mr. Richard Parker to the next SSLC meeting. She also proposed to make a list of books we think could be needed in our library.

3-     Student from the French department reported that they are mostly notified about upcoming events from the Italian department or the CTCCS. They also suggested that the assessment guidelines could be more specific. Action: LP will report it to colleagues.

4-     LP invited students to start thinking about final dissertation/research topic for whom applying to PhD. Action: students will contact relevant tutors/lecturers.

5-     LP reminded students that next term she will be on leave. Students will refer to Dr. Simon Gilson, though for any communication she will still be available through e-mail.