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Digital Pedagogy Library

Welcome to the Digital Pedagogy Library!

The Library is currently under construction. You can learn more about this WIHEA funded project below, or alternatively, to get involved, click here.

Project Aims

  • The aim of the project is to provide a space through which to record, collate and disseminate information about digital pedagogy in the Faculty of Arts at the University of Warwick.
  • The Library will serve three discrete purposes:
    • as a showcase of excellence, it will offer recognition to staff for the hard work they are devoting to digital pedagogy whilst allowing the Faculty to capture examples of pedagogic innovation;
    • the Library will enhance the learning community by providing a space for staff to share best practice and search for ideas to enhance their teaching.
    • it will inspire innovation in digital pedagogy and experience; the DPL will raise both awareness of the exciting opportunities offered in this field and the profiles of likeminded individuals across the campus, enabling the Faculty of Arts to create new, exciting and inclusive learning opportunities for all of our students.

Project Timeline

  • January 2021: Recruit Student interns; Co-create approaches to the project
  • February 2021: Friendship Interviews begin
  • March 2021: Thematic analysis of the interviews
  • April 2021: Recognise common areas and tangible examples for the different pedagogies identified
  • May 2021: Collate resources to include in the library. Start to promote the resource with the wider community through the DAL showcase and TEALFest.
  • June 2021: Continue to grow the resource
  • July 2021: Official launch and evaluation phase.
Project Co-Lead

Rebecca Stone (Arts)

Project Co-Lead

Jess Humphreys (ADC)

Student Intern

Nathalie Cooper (History)

Student Intern

Ilia Ryzhenko (Film and TV)

Project Team:

Bryan Brazeau (Cross Faculty Studies); Robert O’Toole (Arts DSEP); Elena Riva (IATL)

For more information contact Dr Rebecca Stone (Arts) and Jess Humphreys (ADC).

Learn about the upcoming Faculty of Arts Digital Pedagogy Library. The DPL aims to provide a database of digitally-engaged teaching activities currently in practice across the Faculty of Arts. Artefacts will include activities for lecturing, seminar activities, assement methods and ideas for supporting and enhancing leaning community, wellbeing and inclusion.


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