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Sitebuilder and blogs demos

The read/write web, using Sitebuilder: browse to a page located in a site, create a new sub-page, add content to the page and publish it.

The read/write web with embedded audio.

The read/write web with video, an audiographic lecture.

Sitebuilder can work as a Wiki. This demonstrates how a page can have more than one editor. Wiki's tend towards a membership-participation pattern rather than the more common ownership-authorship pattern.

Demonstrating how Sitebuilder has encouraged a 'long-tail' of more specialised, less vanilla content. Google-frienly meta data and site structures exposes the long tail through the search engine.

A granular permissions system encourages narrowcasting where appropriate, and broadcasting if needed.

The syndication/aggregation pattern is supported by RSS and Atom feeds for sites, pages and searches. This example shows a Flex/Flash tool that uses an RSS news and events feed.

This example demonstrates collaborative tagging of Sitebuilder pages by the History department, and a custom designed search tool. Tagging supports a 'scattercast' pattern.


Creating a blog entry...

Creating a video blog entry.

Social networking and bookmarking with Warwick Blogs.