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Work in Progress

Task Contact Department Date required
Assigned to
Plan videos for History PhD viva support web site Tom Rodgers History (HEA Subject Centre)
  Catherine, Pesala
Plan the recording of the History department debate Beat Kumin History   Nikesh, Douglas
Plan recording of postgrad 'talking head' interviews Sean Hand
Upload vacation residence documents
Alison Cressey French    
Edit and upload Renaissance Centre lecture
Maude Vanhaelen
Renaissance Centre/French   Catherine
Add video to Translation Studies gallery
Maureen Tustin
Centre for Translation    
Plan the IDCM MA e-portfolio showcase session Jonathan Vickery
Cultural Policy Studies    
Film and edit PR crisis role play management
Jonathan Vickery Cultural Policy Studies
Create a staff list table in Sitebuilder
Peter Pormann
Classics   Ben
Capture video clips from DVDs into Powerpoint Susan Haedecke Theatre Studies
Scan slides Margaret Shewering
Theatre Studies
Plan Warwick Network Day activities and presentation
Julie Pidgeon CommunucationsOffice 11/11/08 Robert
Convert Library videos to .flv, .mp4, and iTunes Rebecca Woolley Library    



Task Contact Department Comments Done by
Create 3 online essay submission forms Cathy Hampton French Studies
Robert O'Toole