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Information for Graduate Students

Advice on using IT in your studies

Robert O'Toole (IT Services and the Institute for Advanced Teaching and Learning)

Email: r dot b dot o-toole at warwick dot ac dot uk Telephone: 0787 217960

Physical location: IATL Media Suite, Millburn House

Project: Open-space Learning in Real World Contexts

Opportunities and Activities

Create an e-portfolio. Use the simple-but-powerful Sitebuilder web publishing system to create web pages representing yourself and your research to the wider research community and general public. High visibility on Google. Many departments allow graduate students to create e-portfolio pages in the department web site. See See Roberts e-portfolio at

Create a research network or event web site. Using Sitebuilder you can create a web site for your research network or event. Easy to set up features include: forums, registration forms, online payment, image galleries, video and audio podcasting pages, feedback forms, slideshows. Contact Robert for advice.

Create online surveys and application forms. Sitebuilder includes a system called Formsbuilder. Use this to quickly create online forms for research or admin purposes. Talk to Robert for advice.

Keep a blog. You can create a blog in the very popular and easy to use Warwick Blogs system. Use this for sharing information and thoughts on events and resources related to your resource, as a reflective diary or as an "open notebook". You can restrict your blog to specific audiences, or publish it publicly. This gives you very high exposure through Google. To register for a blog, go to: See Robert's PhD research blogs at

Create audio recordings. MP3 recorders are available for loan from many departments as well as Audio-Visual Services and IATL. You can easily record an event or an interview. For help with editing, contact Robert O'Toole. You can use the facilities in the IATL Media Suite for editing (supported by Robert). Audio recordings can be posted online in your e-portfolio, research network web site, or on a blog.

Create online video. In recent years, video production has become much easier. The IATL Media Suite provides supported facilities, including 4 Apple iMac editing suites (using iMovie) and HD video cameras (can be borrowed for use on or off campus). Robert provides training and support. For examples, see: and and Videos can be added to Sitebuilder web pages and to blogs. Postgraduate students are increasingly producing videos about their research, and to contribute to the research environment of their department.

Create a research poster. For display at events or in departments. This is an increasingly common means for communicating research at conferences. Every year the university runs a postgraduate poster competition. Computers in the IATL Media Suite havd Apple Pages, ideal for creating sophisticated looking posters.

Download for free Mindmanager. A sophisticated tool for recording, structuring, thematically classifying and using complex information. Many PhD students have found this to be a great help in their research, thinking and writing. It can also be used to rapidly write presentations and lectures. Free download for University members. Ask Robert for training and support.

Read, watch, listen, contribute to a high-visibility research portal - the Warwick Knowledge Centre. Articles, podcasts and videos from leading and up-coming researchers at Warwick, often involving postgrads as authors, producers, interviwers. See Also find

Use technology in teaching. All of these facilities and more are available for you to use in your teaching. Ask Robert for help.