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Part 1


There are many reasons for choosing a module to study. Some of these reasons are good. Some of them are bad.

There are 26 reasons listed below. Please sort them into the three columns: 1. Reasons that you would personally use, and which are good reasons for choosing; 2. Good reasons that you don't use; 3. Reasons that you would use, but which are bad reasons (be honest!); 3. Reasons that are just plain bad and you would never use them.

Drag and drop each reason into a category. When you have finished, click this button.

Reasons for choosing Good reasons for choosing Bad reasons for choosing
1. I studied the same topic before (e.g. A-Level)
2. My friends have also chosen it
3. I know people who have done it in the past
4. It provides skills that might lead to a job
5. Personally I find it to be an interesting topic
6. I would like to do a PhD on this
7. I know someone who can help me with this topic
8. I can contribute to academic work on this
9. There are plenty of books (etc) available
10. Teacher helps all students to succeed
11. I like the way in which it is taught
12. It is taught in small groups
13. One-to-one tutorials with a leading academic
14. I will have to do a seminar presentation
15. I will have to do a live performance
16. It uses lots of IT and online communications
17. It is taught in good modern teaching spaces
18. I will get opportunities for team work
19. I will get opportunities to be creative
20. I will get to be an individual
21. Provides opportunities for me to get things wrong
22. A reputation for being easy
23. A reputation for being hard
24. Opportunities for me to show off my abilities
25. Will be tested and get sense of progress
26. Opportunities for me to experiment with new ideas
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